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Forgotten Firelight (Pt. 6)

December 18, 2018



Hello again. Wow, I haven't written this series for FIVE months! Sorry. :( Read the last part here: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/73452/version/139061


The next day I waited anxiously for the lunch hour. I couldn't wait to see Nathen again, even for a few minutes. But the hour came and went, and I was left cleaning tables alone. All that night I dreamed up every possibility of what I would say. What he would say. Many times I giggled like a flushed little girl thinking about her crush. It felt so weird because I was so in love with him, and he was in love with me. But he didn't know it, or rather didn't remember. To him, I was a total stranger. Something about that hurt me. Days passed and there was no sign of him. The regulars flung me strange looks that I later realized were about the burnt muffins. Every day I walked home along the crowded streets of New York, the crisp air rustling my plaid scarf around my shoulders, and drying my wet eyes. 


One late afternoon, I was closing up shop and locking the door. The sweet smell of the flowers from the Le Fleur Boutique next door wafted around me, mixing with the faint aroma of coffee. I closed my eyes, standing there, my hand on the key in the lock. The noise from the city drifted away...


Nathan sat across from Ela at the kitchen island in her Mother's Virginian house. They both cradled steaming cups of strong coffee, and a small bunch of wildflowers he had sweetly picked for her sat in a bowl nearby. Their relationship was the one she had always dreamed of. They could sit in comfortable silence watching the steam from their coffee drift into the air and be content with each other's presence. Tonight though, she could tell something was on his mind. Nathan brought the cup to his lips and then put it down again. He smiled at her and shrugged. 
​"Too hot." Ela took his hand and played with his fingers. He had such big fingers. She always told him he should have taken up piano. He raised her hand and placed his palm against hers. He studied their fingertips. 
"You have small hands Ela." He remarked. Then he closed his fingers over hers and dropped them onto the table. She got up and filled her cup again, then sat down next to Nathen. He was staring at the table.
"You have something on your mind, love." She said quietly. He nodded, then drew in a breath and turned to her. 
​"Ela, you know I've been studying computer science?" She nodded. "Well." He sighed. "Well, I was accepted as an exchange student at a really amazing college in Germany. They have a well respected course there, and I also have an internship if I finish there." Ela was silent. "It would only be for a year or so. Maybe slightly longer." Nathen went on. "And I would come home sometimes to visit." He paused and studied her face. It was calm, but her eyes were shining with tears. "Are you angry?" he asked.
Ela shook her head. "No, dear. I understand. I'm glad. I really am. I'm just...I'm just afraid that my heart will break when your gone." Nathan smiled, and touched her forehead with his. 
"Don't be afraid. If your heart broke, then mine would too. And then we wouldn't have very well working hearts, now would we?" He kissed her. "Your heart is the one thing to me that is priceless." 

I stifled a sob and opened my eyes, the cold sun of the fall day causing me to blink. I felt dazed and alone, the huge city seeming like a strange jungle of fears. I turned the key and slipped it into my pocket. As I turned to leave, I heard my name being called. I swung around to find Nathen grinning at me. My heart lept inside me. I had an overpowering urge to stand on my tip toes and kiss his cheek.  For a moment I thought he recognized me, that happy look looked so familiar. Than I realized that he only recognized me as the coffee shop lady. 
"Hey!" he greeted me. I laughed. 

Same old Nathen. Always so blunt. 

"Hi! You just missed the muffins. We're closed now." His face dropped. At least he liked my muffins. 
"Oh. Well, ok." I nodded and fidgeted with my scarf. 
"What's your name?" he asked. 
"Ela." He smiled and held out his hand.
"Nathen." I took it and for a brief moment I felt the old love again. How I wanted to just lay my head on his shoulder and have him stroke my hair. 
I smiled awkwardly, and shifted my weight. 
"You new to New York?" I asked. 
"Yea, I moved here a week ago. I'm having trouble finding my way around." he admitted. I looked at him. Was it just me, or was this a perfect opportunity?
"I could show you around. It's a beautiful city and I don't have many chances to play tour guide." he laughed. 
"Sure! I'd love that!" he replied, grinning. We headed away from the shop, down the street. I took him to Times Square and showed Nathen the brilliant lights. He seemed especially taken with Central Park, so we strolled through it, watching the activity. We talked about New York, our favorite things, and about our life. It was so perfect. 
After a while, we sat down on a park bench looking out over a placid pond.The air was still and cool. The playful mallards dove in between the reeds. Like old times, we were content with silence for a while until he broke the quiet. 
"So tell me more about your life in New York." he asked. I smiled. 
"It's interesting. I spend most of my time running my coffee shop and writing in the public library."
"Oh, your a writer?" 
"I try. Here in New York, it's hard to get any kind of an audience. But I write for small magazines and once in a while I enter a contest of some sort. But it's really the thrill of writing that keeps me going. It gets kind of lonely sometimes." 
"You don't have any friends?"
"Not really." I paused. "Of course my sister, Linda. But she's busy with her family. And I'm always too busy to make more than an acquaintance." It was quiet for a moment. Then I sighed. "I lost my best friend last year."
Nathen touched my hand tenderly and stayed there. 
"I'm sorry." he said softly. 


That night he walked me back to my apartment. At the bottom of the stairs, I hesitated. 
"Thank you. For everything." I said, quietly.
"I should be thanking you." 
"No, I mean it." I paused. "It's been a while since I was able to have good time like that...with a good friend." The crickets chirped faintly, as we looked at each other. His hand stole up and tucked my hair behind my ear softly. Searching my eyes, a smile played about the corners of his mouth. I stared at his bright blue eyes, and a warm feeling crept into my chest. 
"Me too." he murmured. "Will you be free tomorrow night?" he asked. 
"For you, yes." I replied. The clock in the courtyard struck midnight, and we both glanced away. 
"Well, I better get going." he said at last. I nodded. As he turned away, I called after him.
"There'll be more muffins tomorrow!" He turned around and grinned.
"Count on it." I grinned back and then climbed up the stairs to my front door. 



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