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I'd like to thank RockSugar98 for reviewing my piece and helping me improve it!


February 8, 2016


0 is a mother's belly before her first baby.
1 is a new seedling peeking out of the ground, about to face the world.
2 is the number of eyes opening on a kitten who hasn't yet ventured away from their mother.
3 is a jumping puppy, missing a limb but not missing it.
4 is a baby beginning to crawl, exploring the world from below.
5 is a child's fingers closing around their father's hand on their way to school.
6 is the shouts of laughter following a cat's mistake of misjudging just how far away the couch is- again.
7 is a dog catching a Frisbee in the air for the hundredth time.
8 is a young tree stretching its arms to the sun.
9 is a journalist's wait time to see her child for the first time.


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