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By: DragonWrites


0 is a mother's belly before her first baby.
1 is a new seedling peeking out of the ground, about to face the world.
2 is the eyes opening on a kitten who hasn't yet ventured away from their mother.
3 is a jumping puppy, missing a limb but not missing it.
4 is a baby beginning to crawl, exploring the world from below.
5 is a child's fingers closing around their father's hand on their way to school.
6 is a cat's mistake of misjudging just how far away the couch is- again.
7 is a dog catching a Frisbee in the air for the hundredth time.
8 is a young tree stretching its arms to the sun.
9 is a journalist's wait time to see her child for the first time.

Peer Review

Coupled with your strong command of the language, you paint very lovely pictures using these numbers as descriptors with empowering and striking undertones beneath it. So well done!

The cat misjudging the distance of the couch. I don't know about you but I found it immensely tickling since the stray ones living in the community garden some how always miss the next bench by whisker's length. I would love to know how 6 was related with kitties and their poor judgement. Seems like a fun tale coming right up.

Reviewer Comments

Excellent job on weaving these numbers into 10 different legacies all together. You have such vivid imagination and paint such amazing pictures with just numbers and words! Kudos to you on a great write! :)