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I`m a high school graduate and I`ve been thinking about going to collage to be an author. I got this site from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.Foreman. I`m just trying to see if writing is the right place for me.

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added some things and fixed mistakes that my teacher saw

Stolen Heart

February 12, 2016

           People always wondered how the rich popular girl became best friends with the poor shy boy. Well this is that story. My name is Julia Lively. This is about my best friend, William Wolf, and me. The story that everyone wants to know is finally coming into view so sit back and watch our friendship blossom.
           It all started on the first day of sixth grade. He had come to my first period class with his old book bag. The teacher sat him beside me and I was intrigued by him. The way his black bangs swept across his forehead and how  his blue eyes reminded me of the sapphire stone on my dad's favorite ring.
          I remember being so nervous when I talked to him the first few times because I was afraid that he wouldn't like me. Then one day I brought him a new bookbag. I didn't feel so nervous anymore because he had refused it until I made him take it. He didn't like talking to me because I was rich and he wouldn't take advantage of my family's money. After that we talked every day and walked to classes together.
           We both loved art. That was the big thing that had connected us. We would take turns drawing on the same picture and making it better. He would come to my house and we would paint our own pictures on my wall. My wall quickly filled with our art. Each painting got better and better. We would even go back and fix mistakes on our old ones. We would spend hours in my room just painting and then he would leave with a smile on his face.
           One day in the morning he didn't show up to school and I was worried because he never missed school, he had never even been late to a class. After school that day I didn`t go home. I searched for him and when I found him I was shocked at how he looked. He had been beaten badly and he was laying in a box. The alley I found him in was dirty and filled with trash. I sat by him and waited for him to wake up as I played with his hair. I could tell that he had a few broken bones and it made me wonder who could have done this to him. When he woke up he was surprised to see me.
          “Julia? What are you doing here? It`s late….shouldn't you be at home,” he asked in a weak voice.
          “I was worried about you so I searched for you and when I found you here I couldn't leave you alone” I had told him as I played with his hair.
            That was the night that our bond was locked tight. He told me everything. His parents had left him at a park in central park and never even filed a missing person's report. He had been on the streets since then and that was when he was seven. He said that I had been the first person to care enough to help and that he didn't know how to handle the help.
            Throughout everything we've stayed close. He was there for every broken heart and he was there to stand up for me. I slowly fell in love with him but I was scared that I would ruin everything we had, everything we had worked so hard to keep for so many years.
           Then came his first girlfriend. It was ninth grade and her name was Emma. I stepped back and we had all but stopped talking. I was hurt but he couldn`t know. He Didn't know what was happening to me or why I was covered in bruises every day. Only two people knew the truth to what was happening, my boyfriend and me.
           He saw me in the hall one day and pulled me beside the stairwell where we would always sit and talk after school before everything broke apart.
          “What happened,” he asked as he put his hand on my cheek. I knew what he was referring to and it was the fact that I had a black eye plus my broken arm.
          “I fell down the stairs,” I lied
          “We both know that's a lie. Now who did this to you,” he had asked in the same tone I had used that night in the alley.
           I broke and told him everything. I told him about everything that my boyfriend had done to me and how my boyfriend had beat me even for the little things I did wrong. I told him how my boyfriend told me that he would kill me if I left him because to him I was just a pretty face that had a lot of money. A few days after that the police showed up at my boyfriend's house and they caught him red handed. My nose had been broken this time and the police arrested him on the spot.
            “We're over” I told him at a distance because I was still afraid of him.
            The next day William was wearing a grin that he usually had after beating me at a game. William had won more than just saving me.

                                                                He had won my heart.

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