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I am a young writer in high school who writes for the fun of it. The things I love to read/write are fantasy, sci-fi, and cute, fluffy romance stuff.

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I am still a little bad when it comes to spelling and punctuation. However I am trying my best, so please feel free to help me!

Numbers for me.

February 11, 2016


0 is how many miles away from home I am. 
1 is for how many there are of me in the world.
2 is for the number of pets I have that comfort me when I am down.
3 is for my closest friends, who never give up on me.
4 is for the family I have that care deeply for me. 
5 is for how many stars I would be rated if I were a comedy movie.
6 is for the time I go to bed, just so I can talk to friends who are far away.
7 is for the days each week that I tell myself that I'm important. 
8 is for symmetry and inside jokes with everyone I meet. 
9 is for the love I was shown, which is over 9,000.


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