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If this doesn't make sense, please tell me in the comments, though it is unedited, I really need reviews of this idea!

Is it weird to feel so connected to your characters?

January 11, 2019


THAT’S THE QUESTION I flip over and over in my head as my stomach jumps because I need to take another test. It feels too real when I add on to my crowning jewel of a series. Frostfire. I don't know if I've posted about it before, but it's my favorite thing in the world. My Frostfire stories started in first grade, and it's been the longest commitment I can remember. Still, I can't bring myself to write down everything, only the pieces I've thought about, acted out, so many times can become trapped on paper. But today I think I can share some.

ENNA HOLLYND IS my main character. She's everything I want to be. She's the leader of the Frostfire team, and keeper of the legendary Frostfire weapon, from which the team got its name.

**In these stories, seven elements of magic can be controlled by certain people in the world. Ice, fire, water, metal, storm, earth, air. Also, many minor elements are specific bonus elements to others. For example, light, to which you could either, control light, be able to run like the Flash, or when combined with the metal element or such, have a highly advanced kind of autocorrect to help with finishing ideas (with metal, you could summon [molten] metal and shape it to form whatever you wish. the same is for ice, but with ice not metal obviously) quickly. Others include: stone, lightning, banshee, persuasion, storyteller, darkness, and healing.

ENNA KNOWS THE most about the magic and how it works, since the way she got her powers was through a prolonged want. It sounds weird, but there are only three ways magic can be found in a potential warrior.
~ First, through a great need. (Stuck in a life threatening situation [or an uncomfortable one]? The magic will help you get out of it suddenly!) This is the most common way to find magic in themselves, but Frostfire hopes for the second to become most common, since it is very dangerous.
~ Second, through Frostfire training them. (Frostfire picks them out, those on the end of a burst [a dangerous explosion of energy from the person's magic not being used at all], and works to coax the magic to be controlled by the person.)
~ Third, through a prolonged want. (Enna herself researched the magic and theories and such so much that she wished she was the person in the stories she wrote, and eventually the weapon Frostfire chose her to be a leader.)
THAT'S PROBABLY REALLY WEIRD DEAL WITH IT... please. I've thought about this stuff for so long.


ENNA HAS CONTROL over the elements ice and air, while her minor powers include light, as stated above, and storytelling, which means she can transport herself and others into books and stories as characters, so you can feel your emotions but have their abilities and thoughts and such, or as yourself, which then creates an epilogue. An epilogue is the changed story with yourself as your own character in it. It's kind of like live action fanfiction. Yeah, weird right?
WHEN SHE WAS in sixth grade, twelve years old after her birthday, she was taken into a time loop with another classmate. Enna and Alaric (as he is called) were participants (and survivors/winners) in an experiment named the Killing by Enna.

**Time loop: seems like a certain amount of time has gone by, but no time has passed in the real world. Memories, physical changes, and other changes to people and the areas around them are transported back to the real world.
*Alaric Blackwell was an ordinary civilian during the Killing, and did not know Enna at the beginning (she did not know him either). He only became a warrior after Enna's three years, which will be explained below (look for bold). When his memories were restored, his magic came as the elements (ranked in order of most power to least power) fire, darkness, metal, storm. He later goes on to be Enna's love interest.

The Killing consisted of:
91 days
74 children (including En and Alaric)
83 days of torture for Enna
80 days of torture for Alaric
13 years old (Alaric)
12 years old (Enna)
10 years old was the next oldest child (a boy)
3 years until the Remembrance (known as Enna's three years)
2 children per pair from all over the world

(note: it's basically a more horrible Hunger Games)

Enna's torture revolved around physical pain, the most common involving a daily tally mark/cut with a poisoned blade to her back. This is her main reason for a large pain tolerance during her battles. Also, the marks were on her upper back, and left scars, yet while they were in the Killing, Alaric helped her with the bandage for her wounds. While this is a relatively simple detail, after Enna's three years and during the Remembrance (as explained below [look for bold]), one of the ways Alaric remembers the Killing is through the muscle memory of helping Enna with the bandage.

Alaric's torture revolved around mental torture, the most common involving a daily virtual reality trip to every time a child died. As much as he wanted to help (the average child's age was around five or six) he could not change the outcome of the nightmare. This is why, after the Remembrance, Alaric changes from his normal personality (more outgoing/popular) to a reserved, anxious state.

***DETAIL: During the Killing, Alaric and Enna worked hard to survive, and one of the things they had to do was share a cot. To stay alive, they needed the best sleep they could get, and it would become very cold at night. Their sacrifices helped them greatly to survive, even though it was/is looked down on.


ENNA’S THREE YEARS was a stage of time from May of Enna's sixth grade year, to May of Enna's freshman year. It was a punishment from the Killing because Enna couldn't handle watching Alaric from the other side of reflective, soundproof glass, and took the punishment for being able to be with him in the nightmares.

This punishment was being unable to speak or inform anyone about anything relatively close to the Killing. Alaric's memories were also wiped, and Enna was forced to endure the grief of the children dying on her own. The day when Alaric's memories were restored, and the other warriors in the Frostfire team learned of the Killing is known as the Remembrance.
BY THE TIME, the Remembrance occurs, a system in Frostfire has been running. The highest rank is Commander, who is Enna, since she is the leader. That is kind of confusing, as the next down is the Girl's Lead and the Boy's Lead. The Girl's Lead is Enna's sister, Cedar Hollynd, as the boy's is Castor Evans, a middle school classmate of Enna's. Each of the seven elements then have a command and a lead.

**NOTE: all of the people in these stories so far are based on people I know from school, from my small group at church, from random meetings, but usually from school, and always based on another person. Like, for example, since Alaric is Enna’s love interest, before this year, I used to change his description and personality to be my crush (also because I usually get a new crush every year). I said before this year because my crush right now fits the character in such a way that I hope to keep him in that role.

Plus, because all of these people are based off of people I know now, I probably won’t be able to publish it or anything yet because people would recognize themselves, and me (and I would probably die from embarrassment).
THE NEXT PIECE of the puzzle includes a large time skip and then tragedy. Not really, but the Frostfire warriors get stuck in a battle they can’t win. This is because the opponent has control over dark magic called the Whisper (in normal [minor] elements, there is one called darkness and is very powerful, however it is not the same as the evil this villain [and many others] have used). The Whisper was supposed to effect the entire team there, and eventually cause them to go so crazy they, fight each other, commit suicide, and just come to a horrible end. Enna, however, unbeknownst to the side effects, took the 100 some (or more I haven’t decided yet) doses of the Whisper onto herself. After this happens, they are transported to their prison.

THE PRISON ITSELF is more like a paradise, with everyone still able to control their powers, and android servants who cook from an endless supply of food. Enna, still affected by the Whisper, has a three week period of living in an almost coma-like state, where she cannot think for herself, and spends most of the days looking out the windows out onto the ocean, unable to speak.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention they are surrounded by ocean, and if they try to use magic or just swim, they will die of

Still, after the three weeks, Enna’s next week in the prison paradise is spent processing (that they are trapped), obsessing (trying to find a way out), and then giving up with homesickness before flipping everything and enforcing a strict system, designed to finish school for the year, and train so that if they ever get the chance to try to win again, they will.

THE WHISPER STILL torments Enna, and gives her nightmares as well as sicknesses* that she hides from everyone except her sister and chosen sisters (Cedar [her sister], a girl named Ember that was their next-door neighbor at home [chosen sister], and Enna’s friends Aleena and Mira [chosen sisters]). To celebrate surviving (and thriving) until Halloween (they were trapped around September 1st), Aleena constructs a party in the Great Hall of the now dubbed, Ark (because of the connection to the Noah and the Ark story), and everyone dresses up elegantly as asked. Alaric has only been a good friend up to this point, but Enna finds herself escaping the party to talk and watch a movie with him. This is when it becomes clear that they like each other, and decide to make the relationship official.

*The illnesses include that when she woke up from the “coma”, her control over light (the autocorrect kind) turned into a large amount of dark magic. This is due to the overdose of the Whisper, and creates a large amount of learning needed by her to use the element she has against the opponent.

THEY TALK LATE into the night, and by the time they turn on the movie, Enna falls asleep on his shoulder. This is partially caused by the nightmares she has almost every day now. (BTW, Alaric and Enna feel very close in friendship already, and the crushing has gone on so much, that many people have gone obsessed over it. They decide to keep quiet about it, just for fun, and see how long it will take before they tell everyone.)

ALARIC GOES TO put Enna into her bed, yet she begins to have the worst nightmare so far. She gets up, seemingly sleepwalking, and silent tears rush down her cheeks. The Whisper created a feeling that she must die to save her friends, something that every person in the Ark would be feeling, except Enna took the Whisper away from them. She walks to the window, and opens it, ready to jump, but Alaric catches her before she sacrifices herself. Enna then goes into a frenzy, scared out of her mind in a terror from the Whisper, but Alaric wrestles her down to a safe state, and eventually she wakes up. The worst thing is that all she can remember is the fear, not the actual nightmare. She asks Alaric to stay with her, to make sure she doesn’t try to kill herself again, and a comfort is found as they act as if they are in the Killing again, sleeping in the same bed.

THE KILLING WAS not a good memory in any way, of course. Still, when Alaric and Enna remember the sacrifices of “their children” as they liked to be called, it’s laced with sadness, anger, a feeling they can only describe as being the leaders, and the freedom of seeing the small happinesses on the children's faces. Even though Alaric and Enna were only 12 and 13, they were the oldest, and the children needed a leader. They called them Maman and Papa, since the first places they had to survive in were rolling hills that reminded some of the children of their home, France, and calling Alaric and Enna such helped keep some of the children’s minds off of homesickness.

THIS GOES ON for a while, and Alaric and Enna ask for help from Enna’s sisters to keep their relationship quiet. Still, new understandings of the powers they keep have been coming about as the warriors grow stronger. They work to get their stamina, accuracy, and strength up every day, and the training has been working well.

***Note: the song “Start a War” by Klergy always makes me feel like the way that they have been feeling in the Ark, during training, and during the final battle, which we will get to soon.

ENNA’S NIGHTMARES COME once or twice (on bad nights up to five) times every day. Usually she can feel the approximate time that the first one will occur, due to the large amount of dark magic in her veins. Every time, Alaric is there to help her get through them without hurting herself. Except, one day the opponent realizes that they are not dead. It had no want to watch them die, so did not worry about checking in to the Ark. Consequently, one day Enna suddenly goes back into the coma, and Alaric and Cedar are taken. Unknown to that fact and without a way to get out of the coma, Enna takes two days to wake up since her boyfriend and sister were taken.

SHE FLIES INTO a rage, realizing that after the two days in the Whisper and the people she loved most were taken, they really did do what they wanted in the first place, break her. Through the Killing, through the first battle, through the Ark, through the nightmares, she was okay, but everything caught up to her.

INSANE AND WILLING to do anything to get Alaric and Cedar back, she decides to test out a serum that she worked on in secret with her computer (an AI program with a personality which is obviously very smart), Anne-Marie. The serum, coupled with the minor power, banshee, should have a great effect on the Ark, and break them free of their prison. Since the serum is so new, it could kill her, yet Enna doesn’t care if there is a chance that she can save her loved ones.

ENNA TAKES THE serum, and uses banshee magic from the Boy’s Lead, Castor, and goes through the worst pain she has ever felt to break them from the prison. She comes close to dying, or rather, turning fully into the dark magic of the Whisper. Still, the love she feels for Cedar, Alaric, and her warriors keeps her grounded in the world, and she survives the serum.

If you've gotten all the way down here, I'm surprised and super happy. Please comment your thoughts because I've never truly shared this information with others.



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  • BrokenSmile

    I read The whole thing this sounds so awesome! I bet if you wrote the whole story down you could publish it, I think people would like it.

    8 months ago
  • Johanna

    OMG this is so cool!! I can't believe you came up with this ALL BY YOURSELF this is amazing!!! Definitely keep on writing!!

    10 months ago
  • -writinginhopesofsomeday-

    Thank you so much!

    11 months ago
  • Mangolover

    Tbh, I think it's perfectly normal to relate to your characters. I also think it makes writing kinda easier as you have soo many thoughts to express your feelings as you pretend it's you. Personally, in the way I write, all my characters have a piece of me & that's kinda the reason why they all sound sad & depressed & happy at other times. Anyways, it's really cool to get to know your character in this piece! Great job & keep writing :D

    11 months ago
  • A Breath Into Silence

    I think that it's really cool that you've fleshed out your story this much! Kudos to you!!! It sounds really interesting. :)

    11 months ago