Addicted to books and melancholy. Massive writers block right now...

Hellenic Pagan/Polytheist just tryna make my way through the world...

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Currently writing a novel. One page at a time.


January 4, 2019


Don't dismiss me!
You're life is busy, I get that. You have problems, I get that. Everyone does. Even Kids. 

Don't invalidate me!
You have a job, a future. If I don't do well in this, I won't. The pressure is crushing me.

Don't patronize me!
I won't respect you based on your age. Grow up, authority doesn't make you a good person.

Don't dismiss her!
She has a valid point. You’re older than her, doesn't mean she isn't right. 

Don't ignore her!
You can see she's struggling, don't ignore her. Stop presuming you know better based on your age. 

Don't invalidate her!
I know what she's like. She's been through hell, things you wouldn't think of in your nightmares. 



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