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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

The outsider

December 16, 2018

The Insider.
Barefoot on the grass, breathless with hair in my eyes.
I look at the sheer face behind me, and smile.
It called me here. It asked me to come.
I had run up the dancing hills, reflecting their sunlight in the dazzling, pouring rain.
I climbed the dusty weather-stained crags with eager fingers.
I made it to the top, and stood with my eyes cast over the ocean thousand’s of feet below.
I jumped, and I fell miles in the air, playing with it and laughing all the way.
And then, just as I was about to hit the water, I flew up, and up, and up; a golden eagle in the mist of the morning.
Nothing between the sky but clouds, which are easily breached.
I feel the air beneath my feet, the rain against my soaking skin, the sunlight silhouetted by the moon just rising.
Time slows to a crawl, and then… it stops.
The rain stays static in the air.
The birds flying overhead and next to me stop short.
The clouds stop changing, stuck being whatever they were, feeling the constraint of humans.
I float down towards the sea.
The waves stopped in their dash mid curl, with dolphins jumping through tangled water, telling each other the secrets of the waves.
I let go of my tether, and fall towards the ocean, whooping in delight.
I hit the water with a dull splash, and it suddenly becomes dark; but not without color. It’s more vivid than you could ever imagine. I look up and see a rainbow forming the haze of the water. The rain sees it too, and brings more emotion to it’s dance.
I shoot back up and breach the surface, speeding towards the boundless reach of the universe.
I lightly touch down on the mountain, turning around and falling onto my back.
I end up lying there for hours, just thinking.
On that mountain peak, I hear the song of the sea, the grass, the cliffs, and the sky.
My home.

The Outsider
The ice always freeze over,
The waves shall return to the sea,
And the mountains will rebuild, stone by stone,
But still I try to flee.
The smoke will find the darkness,
The forest shall come from fire,
The rays will follow sunlight
But forgotten in my ire.
The soul will discover spirit,
The lungs will find the breath,
The heart should open to you,
Yet still I bask in death.
I wander through the mist,
Unknown to all the world,
My fear long left my body,
My hope a gaping hole.
None can see my anger,
Buried in the veil,
Of broken shards of glass
And all the raining hail.
The sand will blow through time,
Obscuring all I’ve known,
Wind and sky beneath me,
Left to be alone.
I’m no longer the hunter,
The color has seeped away,
Wandering in my deafness,
I’ve become the prey.
Laying on the ground,
Sitting in the stars,
Moonlight on my chest,
Revealing all my scars.
Every single cut,
Comes without a tale,
One I can’t remember,
One that can’t entail.
In the inverse silence,
The screaming world avail,
Shatters all reality,
Warps every trail.
Even in the sunset,
Nothing lasts for long,
A falling star, is now to fall
For all who hear it’s song.
Only for a moment,
Only in a blink,
The world is quiet here,
I think.

The Dualsider
These poems have no relation,
In fact I believe in my observation,
They are exact opisites in all notation.
The tone, the stance, the perspective, the romance.
(Even though there is lacking of love)
In all honesty, it could be about a cobwebby wallaby
and a person exasperated for ryhming syllables.

I'm not really sure where I stand.



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