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I'm into mythical creatures and such; dragons and mermaids and werewolves. It's my hideaway; my safe haven for when I don't want to face the dull and boring, black-and-white world of "reality". And when I write, I'm adding colour to my little world.

Message from Writer

Each word, fragment, sentence, and paragraph is one of the many puzzle pieces of your own world. A world where "reality" doesn't exist and anything can happen. Your kingdom or queendom shouldn't be altered by someone else's thoughts or opinions. Otherwise, that place isn't yours truly.


December 16, 2018


I'm leaking again.
Oh well, 
another bandage will do.
I love that nobody listens
or notices,
As if they'd even care.

I write "don't bother" on my door
Yet they come in,
And not to ask what's wrong
But to ask for me to give instead
My attention
My sympathy
Or a favour.
Can't you see that I have none?

You look for a smile on my bandaged body
So that you don't have to look
At the leaks.

I don't trust you at all
To reveal to you 
My leaking wounds.


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