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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Eleven

December 20, 2018


On the way to Glendale, the group stopped in the city of Erhardt, where there was a commotion. Not like a commotion when school gets, I’m talking about the kind of commotion when someone famous appears, as they do, and everyone wants to meet them. The streets were packed, is what I should say.

“I’m not used to seeing so many people in one place,” Lancaster said, “No was really around in the mountains except the Mountain God Clan.”

”Why did you go to the mountains anyway?” Leonard asked, “I would have thought you would go to see your mother in Portside.”

”That was the plan,” Lancaster said, “But I got attacked by the Clan while I went through the mountains. And with Argos resurrected, it seems mother has to wait even longer...”

”That’s great and all,” Katherine said, “But what’s with all this crowdedness?”

”Yeah,” Isaac said, “Erhardt’s pretty crowded, but I didn’t think it’d be this crowded!”

”I’ll tell you kid,” A voice said, “It’s cause of the arena.”

The group turned, and saw a man leaning against a wall.

”Hey there,” He waved, “Names Gerard Rigby.”

”I’m Leonard,” Leonard said, “And this is my group.”

”Hello!” Lancaster said.

Issac waved, Katherine did not. 

“Say, that big guy that’s with you,” Gerard said, “He could do great in the arena! Course, he’ll never get past my fighter, Goliath.”

”Your fighter?” Leonard asked, “You his manager?”

”Yes,” Gerard said, “Goliath has been the champion of the arena tourney for five years, and it’s all because of my excellent guidance! So, your guy interested.”

”No!” Katherine said, “We need to get to Glendale City.”

”That’s to bad!” Gerard shrugged, “You’ll never get a chance at the prize money.”

Somone had spoken Leonard’s language. “Money?” He asked.

”Yes, money,” Gerard smiled, “Five thousand ducats to be exact!”

”Leonard, we need to get going!” Katherine said.

”Hang on,” Leonard said, “Lancaster needs practice after being away from his lance so long!”

”That is true...” Lancaster said, stroking his chin, “All right, I’ll do it.”

”Excellent!” Gerard said, “You better be a good challenge, or else Goliath will get bored.”

Katherine sighed at the thought of another detour.
Arena’s are fun.


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