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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Ten

December 17, 2018


Leonard and Lancaster killed Mountain God Clan members one by one. Eventually, they entered a throne room. A man in round, gray armor, was sitting on a throne. On a stand nearby, there was Lancaster's lance.

"Greetings," He said, his voice shaking slightly, "My name is Mountain God. I am the head of the Mountain God Clan."

"Pretty narcissistic to name a group after yourself, isn't it?" Leonard said, "Actually, you kind of remind me of someone..."

"In any case," Mountain God stood up from his throne, "You'' never get the lance back. You both have to get through me first."

"Uh, Leonard?" Lancaster and Leonard went into a huddle, "If he fights both of us, he might have someone get the lance, and retreat."

"Right," Leonard nodded, "I have a plan."

He got out of the huddle, and got up to Mountain God.

"You know, you sound pretty confident, for a guy quaking in fear," He said.

"Well, you'd be sacred too!" Mountain God said, "If you were fighting the strongest swordsman in the kingdom."

Leonard pulled his sword, and tapped Mountain God's armor. 

"Man, it sounds pretty hollow in there!" He said, "You must be pretty skinny!"

"I'm sorry?" Mountain God said.

"That's the reason it so hollow!" Leonard said, "Because there's nothing in there to fill it up!"

"How dare you!"

"And this armor's pretty dumb too! Why's it so round?"

Mountain God punched Leonard, making him fly into to the door, breaking it off it's hinges.

"All right, little man!" Mountain God yelled, "That's it! My armor isn't dumb!"

"Really?" Leonard asked, still on the ground, "I bet that's what your family said when they first saw it!"

Mountain God, in his rage, threw Leonard through the wall. The throw was so hard, Leonard ended up outside. Leonard, just laid on the ground, satisfied his plan was working. Mountain God was walking towards him, fuming. 

"What are you going to do now?" Mountain God asked.

"Nothing," Leonard laughed, "What are you going to do?"

"What does that have to-" Mountain God felt a sharp pain in his back. He turned around, and saw a lance stuck in there, and holding it, was Lancaster.

"Hello!" Lancaster said.

"Uh, hi I...guess?" Mountain God replied, then fell to the ground. 

"Lancaster!" Isaac yelled, running towards them, Katherine catching her breath behind him, "You got your lance back!"

"Indeed!" Lancaster rose it to the air, tears streaming on his cheeks, "And I'll never lose it again!"

"Now, on to the next on the list!" Leonard said, jumping up, "Cassandra, the Greatest Magician, should be in Glendale City."

"But that's on the entire opposite side of the kingdom!" Katherine yelled.

"Hey," Leonard said, walking off, "You said this trip to reunite the Unchivalrous Knights was going to be short."

After the group left, Mountain God woke up. He rose up, and rubbed his, only to find a gloved hand on top of it. 

"I detect much arrogance from you," A voice, presumably belonging to owner of the hand said.

"Yeah," Mountain God said,  terrified, "You can say I'm pretty prideful."

Mountain God heard the sound of lips licking. "That sounds, delicious," The voice said, "You'll make an excellent addition."

And with that, Mountain God was no more. 
The first antagonist is gone, and with him, a possibly more recurring one?


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