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The 10 Elements of Life

By: harshitarrao


0 is for unity, for it is a great boost to others. As the world discounts your value, little do they realize that you're what gives most of them life. Unity is important, for it boosts and highlights the best of everyone, and that, in the end, is what matters to the world. Frankly, the world little knows or cares about the darkness in your life. The brightness emanating from unity is what shines upon them, proud, bold and glorious. 

1 is for life, for it is yours to treasure and discover. Treat it well, take risks, be young, brave and boastful, because once it's gone, it's gone. No matter who else tries to steal it from you, you have got to protect your life, because in the end, it is the only one you have, and it'll be gone in a flash. 

2 is for parents, the life-givers and bringers of hope. The cushions when you fall, and the springs that bounce you back. They are the only one's to have been there for your whole life, through every twist and turn, through the summer breeze and stormy days, from your first step, to the biggest point in your career.

3 is for book trilogies, one of the biggest blessing known to mankind. One book is too less, and any more than three is usually far too many. 
​Books are an inexhaustible source of information, and a great escape for hard times. 

4 is the ideal GPA, the goal of most people's school life. Though that isn't all that school is about, everyone seems to portray grades as the biggest part of school life, don't they? With the four, make sure, to have all the experiences that you can take, for school teaches you far more than what you read out of the book.  

5 pointed stars fill the night sky, guiding you to fulfill your dreams. Giving you what you deserve and showing you what you're too good for. Watch carefully, for everything happens for a reason, and one day you will know what that reason was.

6th sense, your intuition. It is the single greatest thing you could have. You may not realize it, but your sixth sense is what ties everything together. Never ignore it, lest you find yourself in an irreversibly bad situation. 

7 is for luck. Everyone gets lucky, it's a fact of life. It's whether you grasp it when it comes, or let it slip through your fingers that makes the same situation different for different people. So make some good fortune for yourself and take all the luck you can get.

8 notes in an octave, jumbled around. Such a poetically beautiful sound. The music for happy times and sad, the music that has been there for you always, through sickness and in health. Music is precious, never let it go.

9 is everything and everyone, anything and anyone. It tells the story of your life, wonderfully incredible. it is the number for love and respect. Relationships with people may be hard, but they're what will get you through in the end.

Peer Review

They really added to the beauty of the piece.

Either #8 or #3. I would just love to see what else you would write in those categories. =)

Reviewer Comments

Extremely creative. I just loved how you came up with all of these to work right in with the numbers. They're all lovely and very unique. Fantastic job!