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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Nine

December 16, 2018


The Mountain God Clan waited at the front gate, expecting their attackers very soon. Their captain, named Luther, walked in front of them.

"So, the three captains, and their squads, are dead," He began, "We seem to be the first of the last line of defense."

"Correct!" A voice said from behind. It was Isaac, with Katherine catching up behind him.

"Don't run so fast!" She yelled, "You could get killed without me, and then..."

"Silence!" Luther yelled, "You to are involved with the death of my brother, Rohan! And my cousin-twice-removed, Heron!" 

"What about that other guy?" Isaac asked. 

"Asterix?" Luther laughed, "I'm honestly glad he's dead! I was afraid I was going to do him in myself! Mountain God would have hated that!"

Luther drew his sword. "Anyhow," He said, "I'll kill you two, then move on to that swordsman Leonard!"

Speaking of Leonard, on the east wall of the castle, Lancaster and Leonard were getting their plan ready. 

"All right, just pick me up," Leonard said. Lancaster did so. He threw Leonard into the air, and he landed on top of the wall. 

"All right, now to get a ladder," He said.  He saw one leaning on an archer tower, but when he tried to pull off the wall, he realized it was connected to the top of the tower, and he would have to climb the ladder to get it off. When he got to the top, he say an archer, who looked very tired.

"Hey man," Leonard said, "I'm borrowing your ladder."

"Okay, bring it back soon, I need to climb back down." The archer yawned.

"Can do," Leonard said. He unhinged and jumped back down to the base of the wall. He brought it down so Lancaster could climb, which Lancaster did. 

Back at the front gate, Isaac and Katherine had little difficulty fighting the Clan members there. They weren't as quick at doing it as Leonard, but to their credit, they did not have a magical sword.

Soon, it was only Luther left. His sword was long, and would probably hurt a lot if Isaac or Katherine got hit by it.

"So, my men are dead too?" He said to no one in particular. 

"Just give up, why don't you?" Katherine said, "I'm sure you're just as weak as your other men!"

Luther charged, and raised his sword. It was easily blocked by Isaac.

"It seems I underestimated you two!" Luther yelled, "Ah well, at least I'll get an honorable death."

Katherine stabbed him in the neck. Luther fell to the ground, and let go of his sword. 

"All right!" Isaac beamed, "You did great Katherine!"

Katherine blushed. "You did good as well, I suppose," She mumbled.

"Let's see if we can meet up with Leonard and Lancaster!" Isaac said, and ran off into the castle. 

"What did I say about running!" Katherine yelled after him.



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  • paperbird

    this is getting good. i can't wait to see what happens next. your characters are continuously cracking me up.

    12 months ago