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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Eight

December 16, 2018


When the group got to the castle, they realized they had no plan of attack. 

"Isaac, come up with something," Katherine ordered.

"Why me?" Isaac asked, "You think I'm sort of military strategist?"

"Katherine faced palmed. "Isaac, you are a military strategist," She said
Isaac had a recollection, as if he hadn't realized what his job was for weeks. "Oh that's right!" Isaac yelled, "I went to school for it and everything!"

"Yes, we went to the same school Isaac," Katherine said through gritted teeth, "Just come up wit something!"

"All right, all right!" Isaac waved his hands, and then went to get a better view of the castle. 

"Okay, so, it's location is very defensible." He began, "The only way a normal person would attack is through the front gate, silly as it sounds, because it's easiest. Of course, the Mountain God Clan knows that, since the front is pretty well defended."

"So, how do we go about this?" Leonard asked, "I could kill them all pretty quickly."

"No, that'd alert everyone inside," Isaac said, "They might retreat with Lancaster's lance, and then we'll never be able to get it. Instead, Katherine and I will attack the front gate directly, while you and Lancaster will find a way to get inside the castle, and swiftly eliminate the enemy from the inside."

"Won't they leave with the lance if we go inside?" Lancaster asked.

"Not if you kill the people inside swiftly enough,"  Isaac replied, "Now, as for getting you in..."

He looked at the castle walls. "The archer towers have ladders next to them," Isaac said, "If you somehow got on the wall, and dropped the ladder down, both of you could get inside the castle no problem."

Leonard smiled. "Don't worry, we know what to do there," He said.

"Great!" Isaac said, "So, we all ready?"

The all agreed, and Katherine and Isaac started walking to the front gate. 

"I'm impressed, Isaac," Katherine said, "I didn't think you could come up with a plan like that."

"Well, I am a military strategist!" Isaac said.

"Of course, you did forget you were one," Katherine said.

"Hey, I didn't have a reason to strategize!"

And so, the attack on the castle was about to begin.



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  • paperbird

    haha i love this chapter. the thing about military strategist was golden. isaac's character is the best.

    over 1 year ago