Mary Millar


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All Gone

February 13, 2015



Dangling lights swung with creaking groans as a lone breeze slunk into the room. Bits of paper danced over shattered glass and shapes of brown and red. Empty window frames supported crumbling walls, the sound of falling plaster being the only thing piercing the never-ending silence.

There was no life here. Not anymore. Couldn’t be. Any new life would be wiped out instantly. That fact became instantly obvious from the fetid bodies littered on the floor. Actually, a flood would be a better word to use. There was no earth or concrete, only half rotten skeletons.  

There was one small empty space however, marked only by a chair. A wall of bodies surrounded a pair of rotting hands gripped tightly around a crude spear run through its own heart; and two words written in now dried blood: All Gone.


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