Peer Review by Christy Wisdom (United States)

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Never Be

By: Ashleigh2403


Prancing, dancing, running free 
Truly mine you'll never be

With a grace so true and fair
And a face no one should bear 

For a beauty such as you
Will never once mean "I do"

For though you wear your wedding ring 
You do not love me 
No happiness will I ever bring

Peer Review

I thought that this piece was interesting because of it's meaning. At first you would think that maybe it's about someone who loves another person, but realizes that they won't ever love them back. Upon reaching the end, however, the reader comes to realize that it's talking about a one-way love in a marriage. Only then did I realize how truly sad this piece is.

There's really nothing I have to say on this. I absolutely love it the way it is, for it speaks so much within such a small space. The rhythm and rhyme were very well done. Maybe the last stanza would flow better if you gave the middle line a rhyme, but I'm not sure it even needs that.

Reviewer Comments

This was a really great piece with a really deep meaning! I like how the reader only truly realizes the meaning of it if they read through the whole piece thoroughly. Keep up the good work!