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Enjoy the holidays while you can

December Warmth and Happiness

December 16, 2018

The holidays are like a snowflake. They are beautiful but only last a little while. You try to scoop them up, to only have them disappear again. Once a year you get to enjoy the snow. You enjoy the company and the people around them. The warmth and happiness. The fireplace feels like a hot sun warming you up and a chilly day. The presents give you joy and the smiles the gift givers get in return. Oh, the holidays are a magical time of the year. When they arrive you know they are here. Carolers sing and jingle bells ring. Relatives come from far and wide to celebrate this special time of year with you. You never know what is going to happen. You may just take a sleigh ride and hear the jingling jingle bells. Reinders paws on your roof. Of the December warmth and happiness. For me, I think of the holidays as a huge party. You get a gift and give them. People leave with smiles on their face. I feel like a girl who just one the lottery. My heart soaring with imagination of what St Nick just might bring me this year. I hope you all feel the same way as I do when the holidays come around the corner. 
This is a short story, but i really sums up the holidays for me and my family. 


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