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The Rain

December 16, 2018


This moment fades
Like an old light.
It’s blurry
I’m dizzy
And there’s no more sight.

No, no, no.
No more sight.
I don’t see your brown eyes,
I wish I could just have one.
One more night,
With you.

But now,
At least,
I have one moment.
With you.
And I do not exactly know how.

I’m an ignorant fool.
You looked at me,
Looked at me, Look at me.
You looked at me like
I was your entire world…

I let it all go to waste.
Why did I have to be so two-faced?
You smelled like candy,
And the rain.
In the rain, I felt comfort.
Now there’s pain, there’s no comfort.

Now, at this moment.
I can feel the rain,
I can feel it in my hands.
You were here with me,
But now you’re nowhere to be seen.

The rain stops, and still, you’re away
There’s a troubling silence. I have nothing to say.
I hear you’re voice, though you’re gone.
Maybe it was just a dream, all along.


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