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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Seven

December 16, 2018


Lancaster, now donning his golden armor, led the group to the Mountain God Clan’s headquarters. He said he knew because Clan members kept spying on him when he was crying, and one day, he decided to follow one back.

”They probably know we’re coming,” Lancaster said, “Or at the very least, they know you are here, Leonard.”

”Yeah, we do,” A voice said. A group of men in gray armor appeared, and they seemed to led by a man with long black hair.

”You’re Asterix, yes?” Lancaster asked.

”Aw, you remembered?” Asterix said, sarcastically, “Course you do, after what he did a few months ago.”

”So, you guys hurt my friend, huh?” Leonard asked.

Asterix looked at Leonard. “So you’re the guy that the boss has been wetting his pants over?” He said.

”My reputation precedes me, huh?” Leonard said.

”I suppose,” Asterix shrugged, “The boss made us all get up so very early. Everyone’s pretty peeved.”

”It’s about one in the afternoon,” Isaac said, looking at the sun. Katherine pushed his back to a safe level.

”Like I said, early,” Asterix said.

“Well, I hope you like to sleep early to!” Leonard said, pulling out Goldberg, “Because you’re going to be taking a long nap in a minute!”

”Heh, where’d you get that one, the general store?” Asterix said, jealous he couldn’t think of anything cool like that to say. He raised his arm, and yelled, “Foward men!”

On the path ahead, another squadron of Clan members, led by Heron and Rohan, were watching the fight.

”Welp, Asterix’s dead,” Rohan said.

”What?” Heron asked, “He’s one of our stronger guys! He’s dead already?”

”Yeah,” Rohan said, “You’ll want to move a few feet to the right.”

Heron did, but he had no idea why. Then, Asterix’s body landed where Heron orginally stood.

Heron looked at the body for a second, and said, “I think we’re screwed.”

”Understatment of the century, buddy.” Rohan replied. 


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1 Comment
  • paperbird

    i love the characters in this; so unique and hilarious. great job!

    12 months ago