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I don't follow people on this site because I want them to follow me back. I just want to support you guys in some small way since I don't have enough free time on my hands to read and give feedback on your guys' work.


December 16, 2018


So many hear the music
Not many stop to feel the vibrations


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  • December 16, 2018 - 1:05pm (Now Viewing)

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  • user not found

    I'm glad you like it :)

    7 months ago
  • AminahMcBina

    My stepsister is legally def, and this legit broke my heart reading this. Gosh your writing hits hard.


    7 months ago
  • user not found

    Yeah I know a few people who are deaf. They actually kinda inspired this. :)

    9 months ago
  • .audrey michelle.

    wow... i never thought of that before...

    ik deaf people have to use the vibrations to feel it in order to know what is being played. u inspired me to try to stop and feel the vibrations!

    9 months ago
  • user not found

    You play the piccolo? Wow that's cool. It's one of my favourite instruments. :)

    9 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    So true, so true! I play the piccolo, and sometimes it's hard for other's to feel the vibrations I do when I play, because it's so HIGH!! It's beautiful tho, I love it!

    P.S. Criminology rules, just saying ;) As do legends, and computer science, and string instruments... wow, that's so cool! :D

    9 months ago