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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Six

December 16, 2018


Deep within the center of the Ricker Mountains, there stood a castle. No one noes who built, or why for that matter, but the Mountain God Clan called it home. With it's towering walls, it's near impenetrable walls, made from the rocks of the nearby mountains, and it's highly defensible location, it was no hard to decision for the Clan to make it their base. But it did have one major disadvantage. 

It's location was very boring. 

"We never do anything!" A Clan member yelled one day, "I want to do something fun!"

"Well, Asterix," Another Clan member said, "We'd have to leave the mountains, and the boss doesn't want that!"

"Indeed," Their boss said, suddenly appearing, "I don't want that. My family need to remain in the mountains, where they can be with me."

The boss, Mountain God as he was called, was a mysterious man. For one, not one member of the Mountain God Clan knew what he looked like, mostly because he wore a giant, grey helmet, designed to look like a boulder. over his face. He wore grey armor as well, which was made in an attempt to make him look rounder. This, according to most Clan members, made him look very dumb, but they were too terrified of the boss to mention it. Plus, they were pretty sure the last person that said something about was punched so hard, he landed on top of a mountain. 

"You need something, your lordship?" The second clan member, Heron, asked. 

"Yes, actually," Mountain God replied, "Has Rohan returned from his scouting duties?"

"No," Asterix replied, "But he should be here soon."

As if on cue, Rohan entered the room. 

"Ah, your lordship," He bowed, "Here to deliver my report!"

"Excellent," Mountain God replied, "Has that so called 'Greatest Lancer' cried like a baby again?" 

"Well, about that..." Rohan said, nervous at the response of Mountain God.

"What is it?"

"Well you see boss, Lancaster got a few visitors. Now, two of them, I thought nothing of, they looked like total weaklings, but this other guy, well he had a sword with a golden hilt, and a green cape on."

"So?" Mountain God asked, "What does that with anything?:

"The guy is the Greatest Swordsman, Leonard." Rohan replied.

Since the Clan members couldn't see Mountain God's face, they had no idea what he felt at first. But they soon realized Mountain God was shaking. 

"You're sure of that?" Mountain God asked, voice shaking. 

"Yeah," Rohan said, "Lancaster wouldn't know any other guys named Leonard so well."

"I see," Mountain God replied simply. He walked to a wall, and punched it, making the room they were in larger.

"I want a clan members ready for defense right now!" He yelled.

"But, your lordship," Heron said, "Surely we don't need everyone to help defend this place."

Mountain God picked Heron up by the collar. "You idiot!" He yelled, "That Leonard killed the Demon King, Argos! Just imigne what he could do to us!"

He let go of Heron. "Now go!" He yelled. All three Clan member ran to inform other Clan members to get ready. Mountain God went back to the throne room, formulating a plan on the way.

This was the worst case scenario.

Here we are, our first real antagonist!


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  • paperbird

    part one is up!

    over 1 year ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Yeah, sure!

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  • paperbird

    hope i get more of this soon! this series is hilarious.
    can you notify me when you publish the next chapter?

    over 1 year ago