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Just trying to find the words for the thoughts in my head.
Feminist, environmentalist, poet.

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erratic rhyme scheme. i feel like this would fare better as spoken word but here it is in writing. all feedback appreciated, comments make my day :)

parallel roads

December 15, 2018


i live in a city of parallel roads
and paths that neither twist nor turn.
a lifetime of decisions made for me
that I try so hard to unlearn.
laid out before me, my future
wrestled from my grip.
my hopes and dreams sit deserted
akin to an abandoned ship
at the bottom of the ocean that is my mind
buried in sand up to the mast
so only a part sticks out, just a reminder
of dreams that couldn't last.


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1 Comment
  • JCWriter

    I love the imagery in this; good job!

    almost 2 years ago