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14 years old.
Name of the Wind/Ranger's Apprentice/Dawn of Wonder/Legend/The Alchemist


Ed Sheeran.
Gaelic Storm.


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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

I have nothing to do today...

December 15, 2018


People have said many mind twisting tongue boggling... Wait. Nvm.
Some people said have many...
I has once... Dammit.
As you can see, I english very welly.
Just kidding. I english goodly.
Oh no, that was copywrited!
(Shh, stop telling me I can delete it)
I can fix it though,
A s y o u c a n s e e, I e n g l i s h v e r y w e l l y.
J u  s t k i d d i n g. I e n g l i s h g o o d l y.

Hah, fear me computer generated program checker thingy.

I can tell that nobody has laughed once, even in their head, sooo-
Why did the chicken cross the road?
B e c a u s e t h a t w a s c o p y w r i t e d.
That must be why all of this is so bad.
I need originanality. Is that a word? I just looked it up, and no, but I DID find a realistic plagarism checker. I mean, seriously everyone needs that (especially me). Here is it. No, no no, is it here? Wait. AHHHH! Just, ugh...
I just read over this and realized it had no humorous content.
Whelp, still gonna publish it.
Oh, that was the sound of me switching tabs. I found another site!


Disclaimer: To any emotional, mental, or physical ( I don't know how the last ones possible, but) stress that was caused to you in the reading of this very serious ad scientific article, realize that the publisher has the legal power to destroy you in court. Thank you!


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