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What can I do to make this piece more alive-ish. Please tell if you have any questions or suggestions.


December 23, 2018


    I felt the stares of everyone as I walked by. I understand that I am different, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings.  I shook my head at the thought. I came up to the schoolhouse. I do have to say, who ever build this magnificent structure, does have good taste. The colors intertwine with gold, copper, and brown. The doors were painted bright red. The sign was a copper color as well. It was very complex building design. I’m thankful that I at least live in a place full of inspiration. But then two little someones rushed to me.
    “Mommy!” My little ones yell. I open my arms as wide as I could. They ran and attacked me with a hug.
    “Abby, Cole, hmm how I missed you guys so much.” They giggled and let go. As the other parents got their kids, their stares didn’t stop.
    “What a disgrace!” Some parent said under their breath. My smile faded as Abby was already pulling out things from her homemade backpack.
    “Lets not open that now sweetie, wait until we get home.” I scoop her up in my arms. Cole tapped on my arm like there was something up.  I looked at him in concern. His smile faded as well and was looking at the other kids
    “What’s wrong Cole?” I asked him. He looked up at me. His emerald eyes were full of disappointment.
    “Nothing” he grunted. We walked until we came to a little workshop. It was one of the smallest in town. A bunch of gears were scared in front of the building, with pipes along the center. I put Abby down and pulled out a silver key. When I was about to unlock it when  I noticed a piece of paper on the front door.
    “Do to your inconvenience to understand the law, pay rate will drop down to 15%. Thank you and have a good day” It read. Anger bubbled up inside me. I ripped the piece of paper of the door and crumpled it up. Then I threw it.  I don’t know where it went, but I don’t care.
    “What’s wrong mommy?” Abby asked.
    “Nothing” I smile. But it wasn’t real. I hate lying to my children.
    “Was that about the rule breaker stuff?” Cole asked crossing his hands. I stopped for a minute.
    “Cole, where did you hear that from?” I asked, trying to sound calm.  
    “Cole don’t tell her!” Abby said in a hushed tone. There was something up.
    “Abby, Cole, your not in trouble. Just tell me.” Abby looked at Cole, than at me.
     “Well” Abby started
    “This man came in and told us that we are going to a new family, with a new mommy. He said he was going to take us tomorrow.”  I stopped.
    “Did he say when?” I asked them. There was a bit of silence when I heard footsteps coming from the left of us.
    “Right now. I’ve changed my mind.” A man with a blue suit and a brown tie walked up to us. It was clearly a government official. He was dressed the part. But why is he here?   
“But I paid my rent, I’ve paid for everything you asked me. Please don’t take my children! They are the only family I have left!” I felt tears starting to form down my cheeks. They do that, can they?
    “Miss Beth, you broke about a dozen rules and teaching your children to do the same.” He crossed his arms.
    “Could you at least name the rules which I have broken. Can I fix it! My children need me!” I begged. The man grinned and pulled out a yellow roll of parchment.
    “You do not met the dress role of women. You have refused to take the the job we have offered you.”
    “You really think I could ever take a job such like that one!I refuse to work down at the pipes!” I yelled, forgetting that there was children presented.
    “Let me finish, and you are telling your children that there are such things as dreams. Miss Beth, there are not such things, no  dreams can be fulfilled. By that I’m taking your children now, come” I pulled my kids behind me.
    “Yes dream can come true and no, they are not coming with you!” tears ran down my face. I don’t care about the stupid law.
    “Miss, I told you once, you are being punished for have a mind. Give me your children our i’m taking you to the police!” Cole tugged on my arm.
    “Its ok mommy, we will see each other again.” I nodded. I could sense the bravery in his voice. I wiped my face and turned around.
    “It will only be a while. Not for long.” I try to smile. But reailty came to me. Smiling didn’t feel right.
    “We will find you! We promise mommy!” Abby hugged me.
    “Come children, we must leave now” Then they left. Just like that.    I stood their for a while. Trying to take it all in.
    “Their gone” I  thought. I backed up to the door,and slowly slid down. The physical didn’t match the real pain I felt right now. After for what felt like hours, after the normal people walked by at the normal get of work time. I got up and opened the door. The sweet smell of of grease and oil; hit my nose. It was a small workshop, but it was home. I went behind the counter and sat on the stool. Head in hand, it seemed liked I cried for hours on end. Then there was a strange noise from outside. It was, cheering. Not like the good kind, but like if there were some famous person. I lifted my head and turned to the window. Their were girls of every age running to the sidewalk.
    “He’s here!” I heard someone shouted. Then everything went so fast I couldn’t even think. There was a person dressed in black running up the street. They took one look at my shop and rushed in, looking the door behind them. I stood up, whipped the tears from my face and put one hand on my nearest sharp tool.
    “Can I help you” I asked raising an eyebrow. My voice was a little croaky.  The person took their black coat off. He was, i don't know how to explain it. Handsome?
    “Yes please, I need some place to stay with,’ he looked out the window;” No screaming girls. To be honest, I don’t see why you are not out their with them?” He walked over to me.
    “Who are you?” i asked. He raised an eyebrow.
    “My name is Ada Sean” He wanted for an answer.
    “Oh that guy, your the famous actor in that one movie’ I suddenly remember. Just a little bit. He nodded his head.
    “I can pay you, if you want. Wait,” He looked at me as if reading my face.
    “You lost someone?” he asked. I  stopped and looked down at the floor.
    “Three people.”
    “May I ask who?” He looked at my like he actually cared. Which was the first.  
    “My husband and our two kids” A tear came down my face. His smile faded.
    “I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?” I gave him a look.
    “You won’t be able to, if you wanted to keep you reputation.”
    “Reputation doesn’t matter, I wanted to become an actor cause I love acting, it was my dream. Know i think your dream is this workshop?” A smile crept up on me.
    “It was both my husband's and mine.”  I smile a little.
    “What happen to him?”
    “Died by a fever, we didn’t have enough money to save him”
    “And the children” I stood there thinking.
    “What does this guy want” I wondered.
    “They took them from me. Because I don’t meet the requirements.”
    “I can help” My hopes lifted.
        "You will! Wait promise me. People say that and they just wanting something from me.” He smiled and put his hand over his heart.
    “I promise”     
So here is a little short story that I attempted to enter into a contest, but was to late to get it in. So yeah. If you guys would like to, maybe, have a second part to this, please comment! I love to hear feed back from people. Thank you for reading. Tootles! 

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