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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Five

December 15, 2018


Leonard and company went to the area where they saw the other flare got off. They found a clearing, in the center there was a man, looking like a Leonard with absolute delight.

He was a huge man, his arms seemingly one giant muscle, and sitting down he looked as tall as man standing up. His hair was black, and he had a beard that covered the entire lower half of his face. 

"Hello there, Lancaster!" Leonard said, waving. In response, Lancaster jumped, up ran to Leonard, and gave him a hug.

"Oh, Leonard!" He yelled, looking like he was crying, "I have missed you so much."

 Leonard wheezed a reply, making Lancaster let go of him. Leonard caught his breath, and said, "Good to see you too, buddy."

"Who are these two?" Lancaster asked, pointing to Isaac and Katherine. 

"My name is Katherine Malden," Katherine said. Isaac pushed Katherine out of the way again.

"And I'm Isaac Gilligan!" He reached out for a handshake. Lancaster grabbed Isaac's hand making Isaac yelp in pain. 

"What?" Lancaster asked, still holding Isaac's hand.

"That..." Isaac wheezed, "Really hurts!"

"Really?" Lancaster asked, "But I'm barely even holding your hand! Now, if it were to really hurt..." 

"Lancaster, buddy!" Leonard yelled, "I think I heard something crack!"

Lancaster let go, and Isaac fell to the ground, holding his hand.

"As glad as I am that your here, Leonard," Lancaster said, "Why are you here?"

"According to these two," Leonard said, pointing to Katherine, dusting herself off, and Isaac, whimpering in pain, "Argos got resurrected."

Lancaster's beard drooped. "Really?" He asked, 'but we work so hard to kill him!"

He looked at Katherine and Isaac again, more closely this time. "Hang on..." He said.

"What?" Leonard asked.

"How do we know we can trust these two?" Lancaster asked, looking at the duo suspiciously. 

"What?" Katherine asked, "You think we are lying?"

"Well, not him," Lancaster pointed at Isaac, "I doubt he could lie if his life was hanging on a thread."

"Okay, I can confirm that is true," Katherine admitted, "But you think I am a liar? I am an attendant to King Henry himself!" 

"Oh really?" Lancaster said, "Prove it. What's the Kings middle name?"

"How should I know that?" Katherine asked.

"That's correct!" Lancaster threw his arms in the air, "The King never tells people his middle name, for it is too embarrassing."

"Lancaster," Leonard tapped the taller man on the shoulder, "You're not very good at stuff like this." 

"In case," Katherine said, "We should get going. If you would please grab your lance..."

Lancaster saddened at the mention of his lance. Then, he started sobbing loudly.

"Hey, buddy?" Leonard put his arm around Lancaster's shoulder, or at least, attempted to, "What's the matter?"

"I lost it Leonard!" Lancaster said in between sobs.

"What?" Leonard asked, "Your lance?"

"Yes!" Lancaster pulled Leonard into a hug, "I got attacked by some group calling themselves the Mountain God Clan, and when I was at my weakest, they stole my lance!'

"Hey...man," Leonard said, in between attempts to get air, "It'll...be alright! We'll get it...back!"

Lancaster tightened the hug, yelling his thanks. 
"Oh great, another detour," Katherine mumbled.

"Honestly, I like the camaraderie,' " Isaac said, having finally gotten up.



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