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Here you go, stripedfly

stripedfly1001's relgion assignment for their schoolwork

December 14, 2018



1) What religion are you? (Atheism or Agnosticism counts)
I'm a nondenominational Christian. That basically means I'm not a Catholic, but I'm not a Lutheran either. 
2) Have you always been this religion?
Yes, all my life.
3) Is your family the same religion you are?
4) Has your family changed their religion in the past?
My mom was raised Catholic, but she doesn't practice Catholic customs anymore, I believe. 
5) Does your family's culture impact your religion?
I don't think so? We don't really have a culture, if that makes any sense. 
6) Does your religion impact your life on a regular basis? (please provide an example/examples)
I pray every night. 
7) Are you what may be considered "conservative"? (not applicable to Atheists or Agnostics)
Oh no, we're in changing times. 
8) Do you practice your religion on a regular basis? (not applicable to Atheists or Agnostics)
I pray and go to church, but that's pretty much it.
9) Do you have friends of the same religion as you? 
I have Christian friends, but I don't think any of them are nondenominational.
10) Do you feel pressure on a regular basis by practicing your religion?
Only when I don't want to get up for church. 
11) Are you/have you ever been interested in changing religions? (please provide an example/examples)
I considered converting to Catholicism once, but I decided against it. 


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  • Lee Fudge

    You're very welcome

    9 months ago
  • janice

    #10 is so relatable. Thank you for doing this!!!!

    9 months ago