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Weed Fairies

February 13, 2015



Ella sighed, this was not how she had envisioned the day unfolding. Sitting on a wilted daffodil, she gazed out longingly to a distant sprawl of misshapen plants – where the weed fairies lived. Today was SUPPOSED to be the day. The day she joined them. It was extremely uncommon for daffodil fairies to integrate with lowly weed fairies, but Ella was willing to break standards to be where she belonged. Today was the great solstice feast and every fairy had their own job – the rose fairies were the directors of décor, the tulip fairies were taking charge of the music and the lily fairies were running the rituals and so forth. While daffodil fairies had the all-important task of organizing dancing, Ella had been deemed useless. Her slightly eccentric moves would have been more appropriate appearing in the improvisational religious drama led by the pansy fairies. But even the pansies couldn’t satisfy Ella’s abnormal ways – she KNEW she belonged with the weeds. There she could lie around endlessly and use her only skill of eating to the appreciation of her kin. She had hoped that on the journey to the celebration grove, she would have gained the friendships of multiple weed fairies who were likewise travelling to the location of the festivities, for whatever unlikely reason they were needed. However, seeing as Ella had been rejected by the other daffodil fairies, she had not been given this chance and instead was left in the deserted narcissus fields. Throwing one last glance at her distant potential homeland, Ella got up and slid off the browning petal. Another year of awkward loneliness awaited. 


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