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Maybe a fool

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Mountain girl
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I'm no fighter
But I am a writer

Message to Readers

I need to show this to my parents so they understand why it's taken me four-plus years to write this novel.

WIP problems

December 14, 2018


Just so you know, the novel I should be working on right now has been on giant pain in the arse. 

My writing process: November 2014 - Now (December 2018)

    1st draft: Based off a dream and three scenes, I know the characters and the setting, let's go! Oh, wait ... where's the plot?
    2nd draft: Okay! I have a few bad guys in place! I have scenes, I have ... Wait, who's the protagonist?
    3rd draft: I have the protagonist! I have the bad guys! And I have a ... wait, my plot still isn't there. Why ... Oh! I just need to find a motivation.
    4th draft: Great! I have characters and bad guy motivation. And ... ooooh shoot ... I need to cut that entire beginning ... And I need to make it so that not everyone's siblings ...
    5th draft: Where is the plot going?! Why do all the names sound stupid?! Why can't think up and ending?! Okay, come up with a plot that fits ... Yes! Okay, now all I have to do is ...
    6th draft: Make two books! Alright, now I can write the End!
    1st draft, second book: Wow. I don't have enough ideas to make a second novel ... And I really don't want to write a sequel at this point ...
    7th draft, first book: There. Are. So. Many. PLOT HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And WHERE THE HECK IS THE THEME????? That's it, I'm going to rewrite the entire thing. I'm going to fix my characters, outline the plot, stuff it into one book, cut the fluff and shear the slough. I'm going to hammer down motivation, be a merciless killer, add a theme that'll make people swoon.
    8th draft: There are literally only four characters who are remotely like their original people, two character names that haven't changed, and three place names that have remained. The other hundred (roughly) names have been changed; something has changed with all the characters; I've replaced one character with another; and those three terrible scenes that started this entire mess have changed in nature.



Disclaimer: It wasn't until draft 5 that I even reached THE END. But I did make it through half the book several times before that.

So much changed in these last few drafts. It makes my head spin. I don't think anyone could recognize that they were once the same story if someone decided to compare drafts ... *shudders* ... I'm not sure I recognize the different drafts as drafts of the same story ... The problems of starting a novel when you're 13. :/ Y'all learn from me: Plot! Know your characters! Know the whys and hows and who's and the ifs and the whats! And the whens!

*looks back at writing process* This novel better be worth it.


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  • Kahasai

    haha, just do more plotting than I did and you'll be fine. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    almost 3 years ago
  • Aussie23

    I'd love to read this!! Hmm I'm 13 and writing a novel, or 3, dang it.

    almost 3 years ago