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December 14, 2018


Two hundred kilometers away from the Kingdom of Fosenheim's western border.

The War of the Religious Schism ravaged the continent of Oberland for decades. After the war's end, two major religions gained immense power in the continent, Orthodox Messiahism and Reformatory Messiahism. Both worshipped the values given by the Holy Messiah, but Reformatory Messiahists decided that Orthodox Messiahists were to strict in their rules, and went on to rebel. 

After the war's end, Orthodox followers were pushed back to western Oberland, while Reformists dominated the east. Many new nations were created after the war, including the Kingdom of Fosenheim, created in the peace treaty as a Reformist state to try and balance the power between east and west. 

Fosenheim was soon became a regional power, with it's population of sixteen million, vast natural resources, and, most importantly, it's military. Fosenheim was one of the first nations to incorporate a mandatory military service, making all it's able bodied citizens complete a basic military training course at the age of sixteen. 

However, the conquest of the nation was still Sir Ashton Faulkner's first goal in retaking Oberland in the name of the Messiah. Taking a large and powerful nation like Fosenheim would make the Reformist's lose their morale, and hopefully it would even make them surrender.

At the order's of the High Church of Orthodox Messiahism in Couture, the capital of the Kingdom of Fleur, Sir Faulkner was to head the invasion of eastern Oberland, starting with Fosenheim. The militaristic would be in his armies sights very soon, and they would cross it's western border, and would swiftly march to the east.

Faulkner was resting in his tent while the army was resting, when a scrappy young boy, probably a page to some lord Faulkner had never heard of came.

"What is it, boy?" Faulkner asked the boy, who seemed to both me in awe and in fear of him.

"Sir Guycroft told me to give his scouting report to you," The boy said.

"Let's here it then, " Faulkner said, adjusting in his chair to hear better.

"Well, the border of Fosenheim is protected by a wall," The boy began, "But, Sir Guycroft has said it isn't anything we can't handle."

"I see," Faulkner said, "Had Sir Guycroft any news of the Fosenheimer Knight known as Johann?"

"No sir?" The boy replied with a question more than an actual response, "Who is Johann?"

"That's none of your concern," Faulkner got out of his chair, "Off you go."

The boy left, leaving Faulkner to his thoughts. If Johann was still working as a knight, or even still alive, he had the potential to ruin the entire invasion of the east. It was imperative the Orthodox Army find Johann and kill him if necessary at all costs. 

A knight entered the tent.

"We're ready to leave when you give the order, sire," He said. 

"Let us go then," Faulkner said, "Fosenheim is well withen our grasp. 

"I see," 


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