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The Faces of Friendship

February 9, 2016

All in all, defining Friendship isn't really that hard for some, especially for those who have friends, obviously. However, some people out there don't have friends, for example...the shy kids, the silent walker, the big bully, the study nerd, and so on. These children, or even adults, have no experience whatsoever in Friendship. Thus, I pity them. Friendship is defined as "A relationship of mutual affection between two or more people." which apparently, signifies a close; sometimes inseparable bond between beings. When you meet someone who has many similarities or interests that you have, you might think, "Hey, I can be friends with this guy." Well, who's stopping you? Still, friendship is a thing to ponder about. It can ride on a rollercoaster in Universal Studios till it breaks or till the end of time, and yet, sometimes the track is smooth. Even if you are joined together by interest, by unintentional pairings, by other close partners, or through past experiences, friends will always stick together.

That's what many would say though.

Through time, one may discover the hidden identities of some friends, and whether you accept them or not in this way is another thing. People have lost friends along the way, and yes, it is heart breaking for some. On the other hand, friends that are driven away by force will not cease to come back, no matter how many times you try to apologize. Friendship can never be mended between two if one intentionally goes away, or if fights break out. Disagreements may be misunderstood by many as well, because frequent doses of these may result in one party taking a break from the friendship, giving the illusion to the other party that he or she doesn't want the close bond anymore, and all those years of memories go down the drain. Those who stand their ground like warriors during war, and those who choose not to believe such atrocities like every hero in a movie whom love has just died, will see the treasures that Friendship brings. Turns out, disagreements make a bond grow stronger, because when one party apologizes, a strong understanding breaks through and a wave of happiness and relief will course through the veins of the magical bond.

It is a feeling that cannot be taken over.

Through that, the two will become friends again, or maybe even best friends. It will be up to them to judge. Normally, it would take at least a few months before another disagreement or misunderstanding arises, unless the pair or group have much more differences than similarities, but hey, we all can work together.

Friends will help each other, either out of request or one's own will, but even so, they can help you with many wonderful things. For example, homework, studies, experiences, life advice, sharing of one's day, and solving daily problems. If not, a partnership in business will also occur. Exciting ain't it?

Nevertheless, travellers be warned, "He who crosses the territory of savouring ties, will have no fork roads nor signboards, but rather, an open desert, where the path is yet to be carved."


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