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Words hold an unspoken power

Deafening Silence

March 21, 2016


Do you know what it is like to stare into the endless pit of possibilities but nothing seems to fit the mold. Everything I had worked for, all those friendships, time put into my education all gone just because of one person. That  emptiness within as I cry myself to sleep every single night. The only form of comfort was from non-living and artificial things that gave only temporary comfort to one. Was I ever going to get up and face the world again? I guess that question was one I was never going to know the answer to till it happened?

To be so lost in such a wondering confusion made me question what I was doing all my life. I used to be such a closed of person.  I only talked when I was asked something. I was what some would call antisocial or in other words, an introvert. However the way I saw it was,  I preferred to observe others. I was not afraid to talk and neither was I a shy person. I guess it is how I perceived normalcy  at that point of time.


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