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Stars, hide your fires,
Let light not see
Your deep and dark desires

Of smudged trysts #streetkids

December 14, 2018


They draw their minds carefully
With rulers
Regimented lines
Slicing the soft of their foreheads
Tidy scars
Ruby smiles

Which aren't as intimidating
As these stitches I shove 
Where the sun doesn't shine
They glare

They tell me I reek of riverbeds
Graveyards of lost fish
They tell me they drown in my depths
That I take their breath away
They cry, they die
They ask me why

But I have seen skies shatter
Crumbs of cloud stick to my feet
For I walk not on the ground
But in pools of blood from their leaking wounds

And when I look through this glazed window 
I see not your empty streets
But a sky that schemes
And a world that dreams
I hear not your empty screams
For RosieOnTheRun's contest. Find it here- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/93123/version/178741

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