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The Lady In The Flower House

January 7, 2019


Note before reading

This poem arose from my inspiration of the flower houses in the Dubai Miracle Garden. I thought about how it would feel to live inside a house like that, but also how magical it would be to visit the inside of it. I hope you enjoy this poem and feel inspired too.

The lady in the flower house

I pass the lady in the flower house,
A kindly woman with a grin,
I feel so like a mouse,
Compared to her towering inn.
Her eyes smile back at me,
Inviting me inside.
Oh, how can I resist!
My body has tried.
The steps to the mansion,
Guide like a torch.
Inside the flowering expansion,
That is the porch.
I take her wrinkly hand,
It pulls me into the hall,
Past the frames, the memories of wonderland,
The truths the lady can recall.
Next is the kitchen,
An array of sweets awaits.
I want to reach for the peaches,
And the pies on plates,
But my body has stopped working,
Hell, the desire is burning!
Into the bedroom - it’s splendid.
All the comfort the bed holds!
Into it I descended,
Into a deep sleep that slowly unfolds.
When I awoke to my surprise,
The lady was all gone.
And in her place, all that lies,
Is a lawn,
Full of flowers,
That remind me of what had gone.


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