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The Girl With The Many Books

December 14, 2018

PROMPT: Library Magic

Every week they see a girl,
Walking down the street.
Carrying a stack of books,
Which she will quickly read.

A thicker one,
A thinner one,
A shiny one,
A dull one.

The girl with the many, many books,
Carries every week.

A nerd, a geek they call her,
But the girl just ignores.
And carries on with her stack of books,
Which she will then explore.

A romance,
A mystery,
A horror,
A fantasy.

The girl with the many, many books,
Reads every week.

Sometimes they bump right into her,
So she spills all her books.
But she just picks them up from the ground,
And walks on.

The bullies,
They can't satisfy themselves.
So they throw some rocks at her.
She dodges them, then stops.

She looks them in the eye.
"What you looking at?" they hiss.
She doesn't respond, gives a sad smile.
That was the girl with the many books.
This poem is a true story, but it is also fiction. If you like to read don't be afraid to show it. Anyone who says otherwise is either a) jealous that you are so smart or b) they just have nothing better to do. Keep being awesome, fellow bibliophile!


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