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Life isn't about learning to wait for the sun, but learning how to dance in the rain.

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December 13, 2018

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It was just past midnight
The air was crisp like autumn leaves
Moonlight floated through the window
And covered everything like a blanket
The people were huddled around a single bed
Apprehension smothered rising exhaustion
There was a collective gasp of relief
And a small bundle was placed in the new mother’s arms
And tightly,
Tightly, she held it as she gave it all her warmth
And she knew she would never let go

It was the crack of dawn
Sheets of light streamed in through the curtain
Warmth hung from the air
And danced across the room
The baby lay in her cradle
Above was a mobile of swaying flowers
A rose, violet and daisy
The baby smiled
For nothing was wrong in her world
And her parents stood by the door
Filled with happiness

It was early morning 
The sun gently touched the world
Dewdrops fell from the flower petals
Onto the bending blades of grass
Her father gripped his daughters hand
His palms sweaty and hands shaking
The little girl skipped with a spring in her step
Brand new backpack bouncing
Her father was nervous
Nervous for his little girl
But also, excited, to see her growing

It was the middle of the day
The bright sun scorching the sky
The young lady stood proudly
She had no shadow
She wore a long dark robe
A diploma in one hand 
The other waving in the air
Her parents watched with pride
Beaming, they applauded
As their little bird left the nest

It was sunset
Streaks of orange lit up the heavens
The sky was on fire
But it was running out of fuel
She was free and full of dreams
But the outside world was bigger and crueller
Then she had ever imagined
So she flew
Higher and higher
To places she never knew existed 
Until there was nowhere else to go

It was evening
The stars were placed over a deep dark ocean
They shone to light the way
A light breeze drifted along the waves
She had returned to her home
She settled down with serenity in her veins
Her adventures were over for now
So, she stayed
And started a family
Told tales to her children
And tended to her parents

It was just before midnight
The darkness crept in 
Covering everything in sight
The only sound was of silence
The old lady lay still
To the universe
Her eyes fluttered shut
And her breathing became slow
As she slowly slipped away
Waiting for the sun to rise once more.


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1 Comment
  • Christy Wisdom

    I love how this poem goes through the different stages of day as the woman goes through her life. The ending is really good, too. I also love your imagery! Great work :)

    over 1 year ago