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Hmm, let me think... how about DREAMER?

Yup. That works.

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My True Reality...

December 13, 2018


"A reality is what seems to be true 

Is this true? 

It's my reflection, 
it's my outer world, 
it's my public place, 
it's my sight, 
it's my burden, 
it's my pain 
A pain with no escape. 

The hard truth 

It's time to accept it"


Not a freedom, but not a prison

Less than a dream, but more than a nightmare

Short of an adventure, but longer than an empty page

Reality may be a pain
It may be hard to accept

But it's MY reality

I will do nothing less than fight for my reality
Because of a life of nothing is exactly that

But a life of freedom is worth fighting for.


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