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By: M. Elyse Lynch


The girl dances amongst the withered leaves, trees surrounding her like a cage. Bruises cover her body like flecks of blue paint. Her green dress is faded from years of use and coated in stains. 

She is trapped in a house broken by pain, but the forest has never scared her, despite how it terrifies many. It is her escape, the place where she can fly in those moments before her feathers are cut short once more. 

It is her haven, as it is the only place in the world where she is free.

Peer Review

I love the comparisons and the symbolism. Its a short piece of writing yet you were able to convey a good amount of emotion and tell a story.

I feel like this piece was meant to be brief and give an impact and that's great, but you have a great writing style, it would be intriguing to see this story longer. Maybe more description about how she felt when she was in the haven?

Reviewer Comments

This is a great piece, keep writing, best of luck friend.