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The Summoning Hall and Bonding, Chapter 7 & 8 of: A Kingdom in Chaos- The Awakening; Book 1

December 13, 2018


Jerad awoke to darkness, like on the day of choosing. It felt like so long ago that the snow fox arrived at his door. It was mostly quiet, except for the rustling of sheets. There was a large, oaken grandfather clock that he had overlooked the night before. The hands read 5:54 pm. Jerad told himself it would be good to get to breakfast early; so as quietly as he could, he opened his drawer and pulled out one of the sets of clothes. He saw another door he had overlooked marked “bathroom.” Jerad stepped inside. There were two showers that stood at the far end of the room, A wooden bathtub, and three stalls for changing. He put on his combat clothing in the stall; it was snug, and it fit him well. Before he opened the door back into the dormitory, the door opened for him as the boy named Corrick stepped in.
“Oh, you're in here.” Corrick said, dragging out the words. “You peasants are such a drag. I don’t even know why they let you compete.” “What did you come in, eightieth? Oh no, wait, that weasel came in last. Nobles like me don’t get last place.”
Peasant was a word that had fallen out of use, and had been replaced with the less demeaning term of “commoner”.
“You should be worrying about yourself. Oh, and by the way Corrick, I remember now, it was you who fell on the trickstep in the Pavilion. I wonder what a thirty foot fall from your self admiration into your intellect would feel like?” It was one of his better comebacks, and he even made it up on the spot.
“You just crossed the line.” Corrick yelled quietly; Jerad had no idea how one could do so. “I’ll get you back for that!” Standing over Jerad like a shadow, Corrick stared him down. Jerad stared back, and the boy snorted and walked past him. Jerad always been good at dealing with bullies; they never fazed him much because he knew they were nervous themselves. Then Jerad slipped out of his thoughts and through the door, then exited the dorm into the passage.
    It was dark in the halls except for the oil burning lanterns casting their glow across the floor. Now that he was more accustomed to the light level, he noticed the beautiful designs on the rugs; woven with colors that seemed to fly out of the fabric. They were filled with mountains, forests, and rivers. After he took his attention away from the floor, he started off towards the dining hall; walking along the snaking corridor, he did not see another soul until he arrived. When he walked through the door, he saw a group of boys talking quietly to one another. Piper Gadrel was also in the dining hall, sitting at one of the far tables. Jerad walked towards the buffet on the left side of the hall, adding eggs, toast, and bacon to a plate he had picked up at the beginning of the line. There were two tables, both extremely long and made out of wood. Jerad sat down at the far end of the second table, trying to be as far away from the King's daughter as possible. He had an odd history with her, or more of a strange ignorance. At one point, her and her father had visited with royal guards, and Jerad was instructed to stay near the back of the room, and not embarrass the household. He had watched the transgression between Garon and the king. Piper had been there, and no matter what happened, even when Jerad helped his father with something during the meetings, she avoided looking at him.
Albeit, he wouldn’t assume she was the princess if he hadn’t seen her before the race. But that was the thing, due to history, she technically wasn’t. Due to a certain downfall and lack of heirs, her family was elected from the noble families.
Dismissing her, Jerad quickly ate his breakfast. He then realized he still had two and a half hours till he went to the summoning hall, so he decided he would use his time to explore. Getting up from the table, he started off towards the doors at the back of the hall. Pushing through the double doors, he was again facing off against another corridor, so he started walking. He found another set of doors at the end of the hall with a plaque above that read: “Battle Arena.” Jerad pushed the doors open.
A blast of light flew towards his face. His jaw dropped as he took in the area. It was huge! It would take someone eight minutes to run around the whole thing once. There was a dirt floor covering most of the arena, but seven buildings were taking up a good quantity of the space. That was before Jerad looked up. The ceiling towered over the area, spiraling upward hundreds, maybe even thousands of feet. At the top, there was a massive hole opening to the sky, which was where the light was coming from. Then Jerad saw another building, but could not make out what is was. There was an obstacle course with different sections that were seemingly impossible. One had vertical facing platforms, and another had platforms spaced fifteen feet apart. There was also a twenty meter long pool, whose purpose he was unsure of. A track snaked through the arena, and Jerad also saw weights stacked in a corner of the room. Some looked to be around five hundred pounds. Many more obstacles littered the space, but he still wanted to have time to check out the other classrooms.
    As he was walking towards the door, someone else opened it. It was the boy who came in eightieth. Jerad decided that it wasn’t too late to be friends with him, so he held out his hand, “Hey, congratulations on making it in the race. My name is Jerad.”
    The boy looked at him tentatively for a few seconds, then put his hand out. They shook hands for a moment, then the boy mumbled,
    “Mine is Dean.”
“Nice to meet you Dean,” Jerad said.
The boy then passed him quietly, and began to walk around the length of the track, probably thinking to himself. So Jerad turned around and exited the area. When he returned back to the hall, Jerad walked back towards the passage leading to the dormitory, but instead of following it he turned into the first classroom on the right. It had fifteen desks, and everything about the room was simple. The walls were gray stone, and an abundance of lanterns lit up a wooden desk and map attached to the wall. He assumed this was the history room, filing the information for later in the day. He exited the history classroom, heading for the battle strategy room.
Opening the door to the room, he noticed that there was another map laid across the large table; clay figures were lined up neatly in a box, shaped like units in the army. But other than that, the room was bare. Leaving the space, he noticed there were two archways on the left; Jerad walked inside the first.
He found a hospital, the white beds taking up most of the room. There was a cabinet in the corner, probably filled with herbs and medicines. A patient was in the corner most bed, with a woman dressed in white tending to him. His arm was bent at an odd angle, and there were bandages wrapped around it. Once she saw Jerad, she shewed him away, mumbling about how the boy in the bed needed rest.
The next room was a giant library. The shelves were equipped with sliding ladders, the topmost shelf being more than twenty feet off the ground. There were a few people inside, some reading, others taking books of the shelves. He left the room, having a feeling he would be back quite soon. He headed back to the hall. The huge glass clock on one of the walls read 8:06. Jerad spotted Derrick sitting at one of the tables, and sat down next to him. Derrick looked up from his pancakes, and saw Jerad.
“Good Morning,” he said sleepily.
“How did you sleep?” Jerad asked.
“Fine, but I still woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When did you wake up?” said Derrick
“I woke up around six, then I pretty much just explored the place.
The battle arena is amazing, and the classrooms are pretty nice.” said Jerad.
    “I don’t know how you do it,” Derrick said, “After all we did yesterday, you can still wake up at six.”
    “Trade secret.” Jerad replied.
Derrick huffed, then said, “Whelp, I’ll see you in the summoning hall.”     
“Yeah, see you there,” said Jerad
    Jerad walked out of the hall, heading towards the snake’s passageway. He met no one along the way, so he had plenty of time to think...What if he didn’t have a spirit animal? He assumed that he would go back to living with Garon, doing daily errands, writing down things, and making metal bows. He did not want to go back to that life, being told what to do and never taken seriously. He wouldn’t stop now.
    He had arrived in the hall before long, and he was again given another chance to admire its beauty. The marble of the walls was mixed with enormous rubies, and a sapphire ceiling arched across the room. Golden spheres of light floated around the room, drifting lazily in a random pattern. There was a large pentacle engraved in the floor with some sort of astronomical lines painted over the surface. Five symbols were carved into the floor. They appeared as if they were representing different terrains: forest, ocean, ice, mountain, and sky. Jerad was unsure of their significance.
More people slowly started trickling in. Derrick came in silently, marveling at the beauty of the room. Alex came in a moment later, seemingly lost in his own head. A few minutes later, a couple of girls entered whispering and giggling; the Gadrel girl came in after them. Around 8:30, it was clear that only seven people, including himself, would be having a trial at the moment. Jerad assumed they were the first group to have a go at the room. Murmuring broke out between the students.
“I wonder what my spirit animal will be?” came one of the girls whispers. The other responded skeptically, “You don’t even know if you'll get one.” Master Hunt then entered the room, and the murmuring hushed.
“Everyone please exit this room.”
All of the students walked out of the room, again disappointed. Well that was anticlimactic, he thought. Jerad wondered why they had to leave right as they entered. Then the waiting began, leaving all of them confused. Around the thirty minute mark, Master Hunt came back in and said,
“You may come in.”
When they entered, the room was transformed. It was eerie; the globes were extinguished, and the gemstone roof was lit up, although he had no idea how. There were candles positioned around the room. Shadows cast themselves along the walls, bearing a creepy resemblance to giant animals. Master Hunt stood in the corner of the room, deadpan, giving away nothing about what was to come.
“Alex Eridith, whenever you are ready,” he said, gesturing to the center of the pentacle. The room was silent, no one moved a muscle. Alex gulped, then opened his mouth to say something, but Master Hunt held up his hand, and said, “You will know.”
Then they waited. Alex walked towards the middle of the dark room. He looked back for a moment then kept walking. Suddenly, he jumped back, startling a few people behind him. Tentatively, he slowly started walking towards one corner of the room. It was the corner with the mountainous symbol engraved in the stone. As he sat down inside the circle, an ethereal white light started to grow in the middle of the room. It began to form into a shape: horns grew, and four legs sprouted from the bottom of the light. As the shape became more distinctive, Jerad noticed its resemblance to a sheep. When the transformation was complete his suspicions were confirmed; a goat was standing in front of them. Although it was a bit larger than most goats, and looked more sturdy. Jerad didn’t really know what it was.
Most everyone in the room clapped. Then Alex let out a huge sigh and fell onto the floor. After a few seconds, his breathing seemed to even out. He then got up and went to stand by everyone else with his new companion.
“Derrick Windshalow, you are next.” Master Hunt said from the corner of the room.
Derrick gulped, then whispered, “Wish me luck,” to Jerad.
“Good luck,” Jerad whispered back.
Derrick walked into the center of the room, looking scared for the first time. Then like Alex had, Derrick jumped back though nothing had happened. Seeming to have an inner debate, a small smile spread across his face. Suddenly Derrick’s eyes widened as if he was in a new place with no recognition of how he got there. A few seconds later, Derrick took a direct path to the ice symbol, but unlike Alex, he did not sit down. Standing in the circle, arms at his sides, Derrick closed his eyes. For a few moments, nothing happened.Then a white orb began to form. It grew legs with large, padded feet. A face appeared. When it finished forming, a bear was in the place where the orb once was. The beast looked like it would be ten feet tall standing on its hind legs! It’s pelt was ice white. Jerad smiled, knowing this would be a good match for his friend; they were both strong, and had matching mischievous glints in their eyes. Derrick turned around, then headed back to the group, a smile plastered on his face. Jerad gave him a pat on the back, then they both turned to Master hunt for the next instructions.
    A girl named Anya Opal did not manage to conjure anything, and the friend she was previously talking to looked crestfallen, about to cry. Jerad corrected his assumption, they looked similar, perhaps sisters. But Anya took it surprisingly well, or so it seemed. She simply bowed to Master Hunt while saying, “Thank you, I really appreciated the opportunity,” then rejoined the group to comfort her sister.
One of the boys Jerad didn’t know didn’t make it either. Master Hunt had said his name was Liam. He was fuming after his failed attempt, hands balled into fists. But he didn’t start complaining, he just stiffly walked back to the group.
When the king's daughter was called, she headed forward into the middle of the room. She stiffened slightly, perhaps experiencing the invisible thing the others had. Then, in a sort of trance, she briskly walked towards an icon, settling down inside it. Soon after, an amber orb formed in the middle of the room, and a gleaming black leopard appeared in the pentacle, purring. Then the spirit animal padded over to its summoner. Piper Gadrel walked back to the group, and for the first Jerad had seen, with a smile.
“Jerad Tavish, you are next.” Master Hunt said, his voice somehow quiet but still reaching the whole room. Derrick clapped him on the back, and Jerad whispered his thanks. He walked into the center of the hall.
    A faint whisper came out of nowhere, and he jumped back like the others. It said simply,
    “Awaken me,”
    The voice almost sounded desperate, hungering for substance. After all, it was probably a trapped part of his soul, he remarked to himself. After he had that thought, he looked back. When he did; no one else had heard the voice.
    He calmed himself down and waited for a second, hoping for guidance. He then had the strangest sensation; it was as if he could hear scuffling of small animals and the sound of rustling leaves. There was also a faint noise like trickling water. He smelled bark and the mulch that was covering the ground. Strangely, although he could feel the cold stone beneath his shoes, it vaguely felt as though he was barefoot in a forest. This seemed to happen in less than a heartbeat. Then, the feeling was gone and he was back in the hall.
    When he opened his eyes, Jerad knew immediately where he had to go. He walked towards the forest symbol, quickly sitting down inside. Once again the sensation of the sounds and smells came back to him; and when he looked into the center of the circle, a leafy green orb had appeared in the pentacle. The sphere grew long powerful legs, and ears formed on the head. Large sharp teeth grew in the maw. Finally, to complete the picture, a grey tail formed at the back of the animal’s body. Jerad stared into the animal's eyes. A wolf stared back.

After all of the students had gone, including the girl after Jerad who had summoned a dove, Master Hunt turned to the group and said “Well done.” Then he turned to Master Eric, “Please escort Liam and Anya back to the River; there will be a carriage waiting to take them back to the city.” Eric nodded to Master Hunt, then said, “Come with me,” in a friendly manner to the two who had not managed to conjure a spirit animal. And although before, the girl who has bowed to Master hunt didn’t seem too distraught, now Jerad saw she was visibly holding back tears.
But they were the only two who hadn’t managed it, and Jerad thought that it was a high number that made it through.
    The candles in the room were already extinguished, and Jerad hadn’t noticed the passing time. He had no idea how long they had been in the room.
    “You are free to spend today however you please, but if you want your bed to yourself, I suggest coming to this hall at two thirty,” Master Hunt said. Then, without another word, he left the hall.
    The girl who summoned the bird left shortly after Master Hunt’s speech, presumably going after her friend to say goodbye. Piper Gadrel left soon after, her leopard trailing behind her. Then Alex exited the hall. Only Jerad and Derrick hadn’t left, both of them were thinking about the summoning.
It was Derrick who finally broke the silence. “Well, now we're into the academy. And I wonder what Master Hunt Meant by coming back here at two thirty,” he said excitedly. Just as he said this, his bear walked towards him. Derrick went out to pet it, but his hand went right through it. Derrick frowned, waving his hand at the bear a couple more times, then said, “That’s kinda weird, you think he’d have been less wispy.”
Right after Derrick said that, the bear smacked him in the face with its paw which knocked him reeling into a nearby wall. “Owww. You can really be hard when you want to be,” Derrick said in part annoyance and part playfulness. Then after a few seconds he asked, “What was that for?” The bear looked up at him, and it almost seemed like it was saying, “Think dummy.”
Jerad burst out laughing. “Congratulations, you now have a woman to keep you on track,” Jerad said as he continued to laugh. Derrick confusedly looked at Jerad for a few moments, then reviewing the conversation in his head, he joined in the laughter, though it was slightly dulled.
After they stopped laughing, Jerad looked over at his spirit animal in more detail. Its fur looked like cobalt mixed with marble. It had green irises that resembled dusky emeralds, and its claws looked as though they were ebony. And when Jerad looked more closely, he could see through the animal. But they must be able to become solid, for Derrick did not get just get pushed over by the wind.
Jerad then asked the wolf, “So are you a he?” There was no objection, so Jerad thought it safe to assume he was right. He then said, “What do you want to do with the day?”
“I don’t know, but I want to know what time it is. I’m pretty hungry,” Derrick responded.
“Ok, let’s go to the dining hall,” Jerad said.
The two friends started to walk towards their destination.“Hey, Derrick, you know how the masters and the students we passed in the hallway didn’t have spirit animals. But Master Hunt sort of summoned his owl?” Jerad asked.
“Yes…” Derrick said.
“And Master Hunt said that if we wanted to have our bed to ourselves, we should come to the summoning hall at two thirty?” Jerad continued.
Derrick thought for a moment, then said, “So we’re going to learn how to put them inside us? Well that’s just great, I get to put a massive bear in my stomach,” Derrick joked. His spirit animal bumped him playfully with her nose. Then, Derrick continued “No, but seriously, what are we going to do in the summoning hall?”
“My friend, I think you might have just brought the words out of my mouth,” Jerad said.
    Before they arrived at the dining area, they saw another group making their way towards the summoning hall. Corrick, William, Dean, and four other girls were approaching.
    “I had a fight with Corrick this morning.” Jerad whispered to Derrick, “He was making fun of Dean; isn’t the nicest. I suggest avoiding him if you can.”
    “Who’s Dean?” Derrick asked.
    Jerad pointed the boy out; he was at the back of the group, trailing far behind Corrick and William. Derrick nodded, then they continued walking. When they came into the dining hall, the clock read 12:30.
    “We were in there for four hours?!” said Derrick.
    “Apparently, yes,” Jerad responded teasingly, he then said, “That's why you’re so hungry.” They ate their lunch quickly with Derrick finishing considerably before Jerad. After they both satisfied their hunger, Jerad got up and said,“Have you seen any of the other rooms?”
“No, I woke up less than an hour before we had to go to the summoning hall.”
“Shall we?” Jerad said, elegantly sweeping his hand towards the battle arena doors.
Derrick got up, and they both started walking towards the area Jerad had gone to earlier.
When they arrived, Derrick did the customary thing, as most did, and his mouth fell open. Jerad took more time to look around the space. He didn’t notice anything new, just a few more impossible obstacles. Possibly for the animals? He thought. Could they become more fit? Or perhaps develop? Walking over to the buildings on the far wall, Jerad pushed the first door open, and the hinges squeaked and sounded as if they hadn’t been oiled in a very long time. Along the walls were racks of weapons; there was a section for almost everything. Staves, swords, bows, maces, axes, spears, and plenty more. There were around thirty varieties in each category. The bow section had slings and throwing stars. Large poleaxes lined the walls in the spear section. The “barracks,” thought Jerad. He checked out the other buildings, but they were uninteresting. They had mats covering the floor, but the rooms otherwise bare. Jerad walked out of the building and started walking over to Derrick.
A shape appeared out of nowhere to the left of Jerad and he jumped slightly. His spirit animal was silent, padding along behind him. Jerad put his hand down and stroked the animal. The wolf wagged his tail, and gave a happy bark. He then had an odd feeling of contentment in his mind, but it didn’t feel like his own feelings; it felt like a separate bubble in his head. His spirit animal was communicating with him, but not entirely. It seemed Jerad could only feel what the wolf was feeling, at least for now. He turned and looked down at the animal; it was quite beautiful.
“I still want to have time to check out the other classrooms,” Derrick said.
“Ok,” Jerad said with the wolf next to him.
They left the arena and headed towards the history classroom. They saw no one along the way, but that was probably because the other students would spend their free day relaxing in their dorm, although how to relax in a dorm with ten magic animals running around was anybody’s guess. They might also have been allowed to go back to the city to see friends and family.
They arrived in the room, and since Jerad had already been inside, he did not pay much attention to anything. They left the room shortly after entering, for Derrick did not find it as interesting as the battle arena. They walked into the strategy room. Jerad paced around the room absentmindedly. So, like normal, he thought.
“What were they going to learn in spirit training? Who would be their spirit teacher. What would they do after they graduated? If they did graduate,” Derrick broke the silence.
“Ok, I’m ready to go.”
This one is a bit longer because otherwise, apart, they would be rather short, because one is much longer than the other.


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