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Trout, Rock, and A bond that mankind could not ruin

February 15, 2016

       Once upon a time, not too long ago, a river flowed through a forest. It was the only river to ever flow, you know. In this river laid a rock, named Rock. This rock has been here for ages, going through all of its stages. Its been here for decades, the 80's were rough for this old and wise rock, but he had to deal with the river for his entire life. The river was always trying to be with the rock, but he had always turned him away. The rock did his own thing until he realized it. It had been extremely hot recently and the rock had noticed that the river was shrinking. It got smaller day by day, and started to dry up. This process lasted for 3 years, at the beginning, the rock didnt care.
    He acted like he never noticed the lower water, and he went about his day, playing with Goldfish and Salmon and Trout. One day Trout was swimming along, chatting with rock when his eyes locked upon a fresh worm dangling in the water, trout was rock's closest friend and rock wanted to keep talking to him that day, but with the river shrinking up, food was scarce. Trout hadn't eaten anything all day and he could not pass up the opportunity to get a good meal, it would be his last, as the second he attached his gills to the worm, he was ripped out of the water by the fisherman, eager to view what he had just caught.
    Rock never understood what happened to trout, he was his brother in another world, and he always had wanted to swim like trout. He missed trout greatly, he was his only companion. This is when rock started to get closer to river. River had always been there for rock, as he took up all of the space around him and created a world for all of underwater life. Rock had taken river for granted all of these years, and he now regretted it deeply. Rock would hangout with river more and more during river's last days. It became eminent that River was not going to make it through the night. This crushed rock, as he didnt know what he could possibly do to save his best friend. He didnt know if he'd be able to fathom losing another best friend that he had became so close with. The next morning came, and now all of rock's friends that he had ever met were gone, they had become dried up as River had disappeared in the night. Rock had lost everything, as he slowly eroded into the earth, the only thing that rock yearned for, was to be with trout and river one final time.


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