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A Sea of Thorns

December 13, 2018


Screaming wind whipped her hair around
A searing, painful, dreadful sound,
And she wept, a cry of mourn
The waves crashed and wind was torn-
Through dancing trees.
If music was playing,
The CD would have skipped 
She pressed her hands together and began praying
To survive this merciless night.

Dawn was far and moonlight dripped
Over the lake of the deep abyss
Shivers crawled up the maidens skin
And she closed her eyes for the Bridging to begin
Wolves would prance 
And crows would dance
Over the damp moonlight.
The sun would rise,
And take her life
It was known she would be beat.
She would have been pushed to the ground
A darkness spreading
And a sea of thorns at her feet. 

Okay so I got shivers while writing the last line, hope you enjoyed the epicness!

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