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Izzi and I will be alternating through this story-things get heated.
the worst part is, is that its true

The Playbook Pact: A True Story (3)

December 13, 2018


I knew that when Izzi didn't come back to school the next day that she was sick. When I saw her on the football field the night before, her eyes seemed glassed over. They always got that way when a migraine was coming on. 
I tried calling her, texting.
She didn't answer. 
That only confirmed my fear.

I made no haste to go over to her place after class, worry was starting to eat at me near the end of seventh period.
Her dad, Thom was home, working on repainting the dining room. He was a stocky, but tall guy, with green eyes that crinkled when he smiled. He had jet-black hair, streaked with some grey. 
"Izzi's upstairs in her room," He said, pointing up the grand staircase. "I'm assuming you know since you two are up there a lot." He grinned and winked, while I tried to hide the blush that was rising to my cheeks. It was cool that Izzi's family was so nice to me, but the fact that they were so open know, intimacy, sort of put me off.
I nodded my thanks and headed upstairs. I knew which room was hers.
I knocked on the door, three quick raps. 
"Izzi?' I said softly. "It's Ant."
A pause. And then the doorknob clicked.
There she stood, her face was pale, and her eyes were glassed over. Her hair was unkempt, strewn across her face. She was in her nightshirt.
"Hey." Her voice was soft and hoarse.
She opened the door a little wider, revealing the inside of her room. Her walls were painted a pastel lilac color, accented with furnishings of white. Everything was in place. There wasn't anything strewn across the floor. 

She ushered me inside, closing the door behind her.
"You weren't at school." I sat down in her beabag chair, letting myself sink into it.
"I'm sick," She curled up in her light blue comforter, pulling her knees up to her chest. "I have another migraine." Her tone wasn't cold, but it wasn't friendly either.
"I'm sorry." I said, looking down at the scuff marks on my shoes. "I didn't think Charles would post any of that stuff."
"I know. It.." She trailed off. "It hurt, you know."
"I know." I slowly got up and trailed over to her bedside. "Can I join you?"
She smiled, her eyes sparked. "I could use a little TLC from you."
I pulled her into my lap and kissed her gently atop her head. "I was worried when you didn't pick up my calls, babybug."
"But I'm fine, Ant. There isn't any need to worry."
"I love you, Izzi. I want to keep it that way."
She went quiet. 
"Hmm?" She was leaned up against me.
I moved her back to her bed, resting her head gently on her pillow.
"I'll call you later, babybug." I whispered.

I tiptoed out as quietly as I could and slipped out the door without Thom noticing.
This was bad. This was really bad.



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