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Mother Knows Best

February 16, 2016

“Mom, this is totally unfair! I was only one hour off curfew and I totally called dad ahead of time to tell him I was going to be late.” Maxi says this with as much teen angst one could possibly manage into a statement.
            “Maxianna it is not a choice! You need to learn that what I say goes, your father and I are no longer married. Therefore when you’re at my house, you follow my rules. You are not going anywhere for the next week.” Her mother fired this back at her with a finality that was not to be argued with.
            “Mom, for the last time, it's Maxi. And you can ground me all you want at your house, but once I go to dad's, you have no say there,” she said to her mother with her arms on her hips to show how firm she was on getting this punishment revoked.
            “Well, guess what, Maxi your father and I have both agreed on this punishment so have fun with that plan.” Once her mother had her final say on the situation, she turned and walked into the kitchen not wanting to hear anything Maxi had to say in response. This left Maxi on her own to reflect on all that had just happened in the sparsely furnished home that her mother had just relocated to after the divorce. How come it was only when it was to punish her that her parents decided communicate? When it came to her sports events never did they communicate, they each took one side of the bench with the whispering of the town telling the story of the ugly divorce until it eventually drove them both from ever coming to her games but instead asking how well she did.
            Maxi made the well-rehearsed teenage stomp up the stairs to her room where she would be doomed for the rest of the week. She got to her room at the top of the stairs and pushed pass the clutter her mother was yet to unpack from their old lives and entered. Her room was dry with only a bed and a dresser to populate it, she saw no need to decorate because with the way things were going right now she planned on making the quickest get away possible for any 18 year old to accomplish. She took a seat on her bed and stared at the ceiling. What could she possibly find to do with her self for the next week, when her mom was truly out to make her work for her happiness?
Maxi shuffled through boxes labeled MAXI’S ROOM out of boredom. So far all she had found were toys that she never planned on taking out of the box. The next box that she opened pulled a little string in her heart. For on top lay a photo frames of when her whole family was one. Back before her older brother had moved out and things took a turn for the worst in the Ray household. She slammed the lid back down on the box for she no longer wanted to take that trip down memory lane and instead picked the box up to move it to the back if her closet to be hidden there.
She made the journey to the empty closet and set the box in the comer. As she left she noticed a flash of light in the opposite corner of the closet. She journeyed the few steps over to the other side of the closet and bent over to take a look. It was a hinge! Hidden underneath a layer of wallpaper, there had to be some sort of door back there! She grabbed the corner and peeled and behind it stood a dark looming door. It must lead to the attic she thought; however that did not explain why it was hidden. She made a split second decision to investigate and yanked the door open, as she peered in she began to fall and fall and fall. There were colors flying and her head began to ring with a sweet melody and soon all was dark and no longer did she stand in the house she called home.
She woke up with a start in bed that was not her own and clothes that belonged to a fairy tale book.
“Princess we are so glad you found the portal in time for the summer solstice!”
She looked around trying to find the owner of the voice and in the corner of the huge canopy bed sat a regal looking women. She looked for the princess the women had addressed but found no one else in the huge room?
“Princess? Me, I believe you have the wrong person,” She addressed the women in an uncertain manner. “Where am I? I didn’t realize we had others living in the home.”
The women let out a laugh that sounded like bells on a church, load and demanding, “HA you are no longer on earth my little one, you made the journey to the Faye world. And I can’t believe your mother never told you about us! She must have only sent you to take over her duties as queen, how typical of her,” She said with a huff of annoyance.
“None the less you must get out of bed to meet the people who will be serving you.” She said seeming to have already gotten over her annoyance.
She took Maxi’s hand and led her to the door opposite to the one she had come to this room in and lead her through it. On the outside the light blinded her but as her eyes got used to it she saw what seemed to be a village, all filled with women who remarking similar to the women guiding her. The women lead her to a podium she had not noticed on the center of the pub and lead her to the top. At the top the women addressed the crowd in a language unknown to her. The crowd began to cheer so loud and fierce that it sounded like a crowd of beast. They all were leering at her and razing there fist as if protesting her presence. The women began to charge the stage and her guide took to her rescue and began to pull Maxi at a frightening pace back towards the door they entered through.
When they got back to the dim room the women looked at her with sadness.
“I’m sorry my lady, they have grown so accustomed to there freeness they are revolting against you ruling them. It is not safe for you here you must go under the protection of your mother immediately. Tell her Lilyana sent you, Okay? Trust your mom, she’s is truly your best friend.”
With her final thoughts said she pushed her to the opposite side of the room towards the door and shoved her through.


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