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Jason Hillgren

United States

When Kings Fall

February 15, 2016

        In the year 2075, 37 years after the human races’ first contact with extraterrestrial life, the Human race has been enslaved, the planet Earth turned into a resource site, and a mining planet. Present day United States, now known as “Region 16” used for its agricultural advantages, to grow crops and produce for the race that has enslaved us. Their names are long and hard for humans to pronounce, so we just deemed them as “Titans”, Earth’s new overseers. Humans are bred and educated and assigned to an occupation based on their skills and talents. If a human isn’t educated enough to work or is injured to the point they cant work, they are deemed unneeded and executed. Earth has been sucked into a long line of expendable away planets, forced to feed and provide for the Titans, and when they’ve use all of our resources and sucked the planet dry, they’ll throw it away along with everybody on it, just like the rest of them.
        On Saturday, July 23rd, in what used to be called the United States, but is now known as Region 13, an agricultural region. Whose assignment is to produce food. Alekzander awoke to the blistering heated that poured through his window. Temperatures are more extreme due to the carbon dioxide being given off by the increase in industry. This day In particular was almost unbearable, the heat being visible above the concrete outside his shack. Alekz headed over to the bedroom next to his to tend to his roommate, a man he’s grown up with and spent most of his life with. His name was Camelot. He and Alekz had never known what Earth had been like before the arrival of the Titans. The only home they had ever known was the barren wasteland, the remains of a tortured, and subdued Earth. Camelot had Saved Aleks life on multiple occasions, from pulling out of the way of a combine, or talking down a couple of angry Titans to whom Aleks had made discouraging comments. But now a days, Camelot doesn’t leave the shack much anymore, him being crippled due to an accident while in the fields, lost his left leg, and right foot. Unable to work, the Titans were preparing to put down Camelot, until Aleks stepped in a begged them to spare his life, promising to work twice as hard. Hesitantly agreeing to the situation, they only expected to execute the both of them when he had worked himself to exhaustion.
        Alekz poked his head in around the corner, “Hey buddy!” piped up Alekz. “Hey” Replied Camelot barely, focused on playing with his necklace. A fever had taken hold of him the past couple days; he blames It on the heat. “ How are you, can I get you anything?” Alekz said trying to stay cheery. “Maybe a glass of water before you head out?” Camelot whispered as he stares blankly out of the window. “Sure thing buddy”, he replied as he left the room to go the spout in the kitchen to fetch him a glass of water. He came back into the room to find that Camelot had fallen back asleep, Alekz set his glass of water on his side table and quietly left the shack to go to work, but Alekz couldn’t help but feel like the grim reaper himself was following him on his way to work.
        As Alekz arrived at the massive field of corn, he dreaded working. Having to move twice as fast and move twice as much water and fertilizer to make up for his bedridden friend back home, but it was the only thing keeping him alive, Alekz hard work. His Work was repetitive; water his assigned rows of crops (and Camelot’s), as rain is rare, and sparse when it does. Sprinkle his fertilizer, and after that, he has to head about 1 mile over to his other workplace, where he packages the produce they grow, and load it onto trucks. This usually went pretty easy, and today was no exception. After completing both his tasks, he decides to head home for the day. As he was on his way home, he overheard a couple of older men, still finishing their daily tasks, talk about a firefight that broke out near where he lived. Between Titan Soldiers and radicals who were trying to rise up against the superior alien technology.
        Aleks rushed to his house, the only thing on his mind was Camelot. He couldn’t bare the thought of losing his friend. Camelot was his only reason to work and keep moving forward. He had looked up to him so much, his role model. The only person That had given Alekz a chance. He had to hurry and see. Passing people of all ages and sizes as he sprinted toward his shack on the edge of town. Alekz felt a rush of emotion as drew closer to his run down home, he felt the warm sticky tears flow down his already sweaty faces and off of his cheeks, finally his little beat up shack came into view in the distance and he suddenly felt a burst of energy giving him the final burst of speed he needed. As he ran up to the door about to swing it open, he stopped. Taking in the scenery, bullet holes everywhere. The smell of the Titans advanced laser weaponry. The block seemed so much quieter than it usually is. Not even the wind was blowing, as If nature itself was holding its breath to see what was on the other side. Alekz, taking a breath, opened the front door, to see his house destroyed, but not taking mind of that, he headed toward Camelots room, only to see him lying in bed, in a pool of his own blood, with a laser wound in his chest. Alekz too shaken up to do anything else, moved over to him, took his necklace in his hand, and began to cry...


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