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So, this is the fourth chapter to the novel. I did not even think that I would come this far. Thank you much for your support and don't forget to drop in any feedback for this piece.

Snow Flakes in Summer Chapter 4

January 13, 2019


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"Lara, you would not believe....."

The auburn haired girl stood gasping for breathe at the front door. Although it was quite chilly outside, her red face was full of perspiration. 
A faint music came to my ears from a distance. Christmas Carols. I gaped outside the window in enthusiasm, quite forgetting that a lady was still waiting for me at the door. 

The white delicate solid had formed a fine sheet on the roof of the nearby cottage. Some newly bought red curtains had been hung at the entrance, making the scene look like  a picture. A little child ran around the snow covered pavement, as a young man chased her and was finally capable in capturing her. He held the girl fondly in his lap and kissed her lovingly on the forehead.

I could peer at them forever, for as they laughed , my imagination played a picture of a younger me playing around with my father in our Ancestral home, singing merry Christmas carols together, and finally, relishing the little joys of a father-daughter relationship.

I could hear the sound of footsteps slowly coming towards me, as someone softly whispered into my ear, " It's going to be okay. Look what I got you."
A white envelope was passed into my hands quietly. The sender was a man, at least the name said so. I gazed at the name for some time.  'Tom Clearwater '. I...I had heard that name before! But where? How?

"Will I read that for you?"
I looked up in surprise. Sam was looking at me with a look that I had never seen on her face since I met her.
"Sure." I smiled and gave the letter to her.
Abner was still standing on the exact spot where I had left him, seemingly unable to take in all that had happened till now. He looked up in a jolt when he heard Sam's loud voice.

" Dear Lara,
                   I guess you cant remember me . I know child, its been a long time since I last met you. I saw you last as a small girl  of .... at least three, and I am sure you have changed a lot since then. I knew your father well. He was a great man, a wonderful friend and a really loyal employee. I got your location from a source, and I believe I would like to meet and talk to you in personal about your father. I am in the town at present and would like you to meet me at the 'Beans and Cream' Cafe at 8:00 clock sharp tomorrow. 
                                       Tom Clearwater.
P.S. Don't bring anyone along with you as this would be a one to one meeting. "

Sam finished the last sentence in one breathe , and looked up at me joyfully. 
" I think you should go Lara!" she cried.
" Maybe he knows something about your father's death, maybe he..."

" Hold it!!" Abner interrupted Sam with an intensely worried expression on his face.
"It can also be a trap." he looked at me with thoughtful eyes.
" You can't be sure Sam ,that he is not lying. No no no, I am not letting you go off alone."
"But Abner, the man has ordered Lara to..."
"You just keep your mouth shut .Will you??" Abner snapped at Sam.

Sam went red. She threw open the door and stormed out of the room after having almost succeeded in  breaking the door while closing it. 

I  looked at Abner. "Abner." I spoke earnestly.
"I know that you are very protective of me but sometimes, you know that you should let me have an equal share of making my own decisions."
Abner gaped at me with a confused expression on his face.
"I know what you are going to say Abner. But i wont listen to it and you know that very well."

The man looked at me worriedly. I knew why he was so afraid to let me go alone. But i couldn't help it. That was supposed to be  my  destiny and no matter what, no one could change it. If something was going to happen, then it was going to happen now or never. 

The pen case had been decorated skillfully by our girl, and stood like a victorious soldier on my desk. The blue pen caught my eye by mistake. "Dad's favourite pen." I sighed . The feel that an object owned by my father was still near me, gave me the kind of warmth , that I couldn't explain in mere words. I took hold of my 'Scribbling Book' and settled on the sofa.
Maybe, tomorrow I would be writing the last chapter of my life. The last... and the most important chapter of my life.
Maybe, or...maybe not. Who knew?




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