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Stone Angels

December 13, 2018

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

Iris fumbled around in her backpack, hands trying to find the flashlight she was sure she stuffed in before she left home. The graveyard was darkening by the minute and she had to get back before the sun completely slipped below the horizon. This was her last lead, she'd been working on this case for two weeks now and if she didn't find a clue tonight she was sure the case would go cold. Iris couldn't believe it, a family of five missing from their home, no trace of a break in, no prints, no witnesses, it just didn't happen. Finally her hands grasped the flashlight, which had somehow wound its way to the bottom of her bag, and she quickly turned it on. A bright stream of light rushed out and into the darkness but was stopped by something solid in front of it, something tall and strangely human shaped. Cold beads of sweat formed on Iris's forehead, as she slowly moved closer towards the unmoving human figure, only to find four more next to it.

They were angels. Unmoving angels made out of stone, two big three small. Next to them a small stone plague that read, "The Brown Family."


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  • RNE

    That was so cool, please continue and don't leave me stranded in this sea of suspense!

    over 1 year ago