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Friends Until the End

February 16, 2016

“Run! We have to get out of here now!” I yelled to Micah.
    We were currently running away from a giant herd of zombies. Before I get to in-depth in the story, let me give you a little background on what is going on. About a year ago there was a pandemic that killed off most of the world’s population. I was with my family when it first came on the news, they warned people to stay inside, and not to let people go in or out. The thing that was different about this disease is that instead of killing you, it turned you, you were no longer actually living. First the fever would hit, then your body would start shutting down. After the disease killed you, you would come back as a zombie. As cheesy as that sounds, it was the only thing that made sense: the zombie apocalypse had started.
            When the disease first hit, most of the people in my hometown had been infected by it. My parents, and my little brother had been infected. Since I hadn’t been, my parents thought that it would best if my best friend, Micah, and I left. After we packed what we could carry, we got in my father’s jeep and left for Georgia. We’ve been surviving by staying quiet, and moving from place to place. It had worked for us well enough for the past year, but things are starting to change, and not for the better.
            We had made it to Savannah, Georgia a week or two after we first left from my home in Wisconsin. The main reason we had come to Savannah was because we heard of a big camp that was set up: food, shelter, and medicine was available there. When we finally got to Savannah, we walked into hell. The camp had been completely overrun by zombies, which leads us to where we are now.
            When we got to the overrun camp, we looked for ways to get in without attracting to many zombies. We were looking along the fence when I noticed a small opening near the entrance. “Micah, there’s a little place we can go through to get into the camp.” I whispered. “How are we supposed to walk around inside without any zombies noticing us?” “We just have to be quiet.” We went up to the opening in the fence and looked for some supplies that would be easy accessible. Luckily for us, we could see a few bottles of medicine, a bag of apples, and a couple bottles of water not to far from the opening. “Should we go for it?” I asked, “Is it really worth it? We have a little bit of food left, and we could find water somewhere else.” He made a good point, was it really worth going inside and risking our lives for a little bit of food and water? Maybe not, but we can never find any medicine. What if something was to happen to one of us and we needed it? “When do you think we’ll find medicine again?” This made him think a little bit. “Okay, we’ll go in just for that stuff, nothing else. If we see anything in there that we could really use, we’ll wait for it to clear out, okay?” he said. “Okay, Follow me and be quiet.”
    We snuck in and grabbed the apples, water, and medicine. As we were running back outside of the camp, a zombie that was hidden underneath a truck grabbed Micah by the ankle and bit him. “Micah!!” “Beth, take the apples and get out of here!” “I can’t leave you here!” I ran over and stomped on the zombies arm until it lost its grip on him. After he got up we noticed all of the zombies that were coming towards us. “Oh God…” I heard him whisper. “Run! We have to get out of here now!” I yelled to Micah.
    I gabbed Micah and helped him, and we ran through the opening in the fence, but when we got passed the fence we realized that more had come. There were to many of them to be able to run. “Get out your knife.” We pulled out our knives and started to take out as many zombies as we could, but it was no use. There were just to many of them. One by one they came closer until we were surrounded. “This is it, Beth. I love you.” He sniffled as they surrounded us. “I love you too.” We held each other as they attacked, soon slipping away into the darkness. 


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