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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Four

December 15, 2018


The Ricker Mountains were very crowded. The mountains, tall and steep, crowded together as if they were best friends having a pleasant conversation. However, Leonard seemed undeterred in his quest to find Lancaster, and even made Isaac and Katherine climb up a mountain for a vantage point.

"We'll never find him here!" Katherine yelled, dusting herself off, "Who would even live here for a day, let alone a year!"

"Now, Katherine," Isaac said, "I'm sure Sir Leonard knows what he's doing. Right, Sir Leonard?"

"Right you are, kid!" Leonard yelled, pulling something out his pocket.

"This here is a signal flare that one of the Unchivalrous Knights created," Leonard explained, "All of us were given a few so we could call on each if needed." 

"Will it work?" Katherine asked, skeptical. 

"I dunno!" Leonard said, getting ready to lit the flare with a match, "Let's hope it do though."

Meanwhile. on a clearing in between two mountains, Lancaster was sitting on the ground. After losing his lance, he just moped around the mountain range, thinking you could now longer help people without his trusty weapon. His moping usually led to crying, which he did almost every day. The self pity had really got to him.

While he was sitting, his crusader armor that he hadn't worn since he lost his lance a few feet away, he was almost ready for his daily cry. But just as he was about to, he saw a bright light fly up into the sky. Once it reached the top of it's flight it exploded into a brilliant green light. Recognizing who the flare's colors as the one used by the Unchivalrous Knights, he started crying, but this time, in joy. He ran for his armor, and pulled one of one flares. He grabbed a rock, and raking it along his armor, creating a few sparks. With the fuse, lit, Lancaster threw the flare into air as high as he could. 

Lancaster saw the flare  explode in the sky, and he thought it was finally time to stop wallowing in self pity and unite with his friends again.


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