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Someday I will marry General Shang.

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It is unusual for me to write so... seriously. Any feedback would be great - I would love any support you can offer me.

The Morning

February 13, 2015



Joyce’s hand shook as she lowered herself into The Morning Armchair. Its fabric grazed her palm. She wished that she could sit in the grass and spread her fingers in the dirt.

Joyce’s hand shook as she spread The Morning Blanket over her knees. Sometimes, Joyce couldn’t tell where the blanket finished and the floor began.

Joyce’s hand shook as she lifted The Morning Teacup. She didn’t know who made the tea.

Joyce’s hand shook as she leaned forward to look out The Morning Window.

And it shook as that woman who always brought dinner walked towards her.

And it shook as The Evening Woman opened The Morning Window and the dirt and the leaves and the skies and the heavens poured in and danced around the room.

Joyce’s hand lay still.


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