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December 13, 2018


I saw you again.    
The feeling was...
I no longer felt my pulse racing, 
My heart was no longer on fire, 
You didn't take my breath away,
My eyes were no longer fixated on you and only you,
You were just another friend. 

My mind was at a full sprint with thoughts of someone else. 
Finally I could see you as a friend more than that "something else"
When I looked into your eyes, I could finally see us being just friends. 
Maybe I can stop writing about you. 

I've already started writing about...
Well you know. 
If I could tell you the name of this heart thief, I would.
But that's a secret I'd like to keep to myself. 
But let me tell you about the one that released me from your clutch. 

The most charming, 
and charismatic person that I think I've ever met.

But you're not being replaced. 
Let me just put that out there. 
You're still one of my best friends, 
I just don't see you as anything more. 
Thank you to the straight girl that helped me (mostly) get over my first love and my first heartbreak. 


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