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I think It needs a little help on transitions and where to split the paragraphs but anything is helpful.
thanks, and have fun reading.

When We Leave

February 7, 2016

Ugh, I don't understand why Mrs. Woodard wants me to write a stupid speech. I mean
what do you even say like, Ohh she will be dearly missed. I don't understand why Mrs. Woodard asked me to to talk at Stella's funeral. It sucks enough that my best friend died, and now I need to tell the whole world how much I miss her. Nobody should have to bury their best friend. What did I do to deserve such cruel punishment.
“Claire” yelled Barb from down stairs.
“What!” Claire snapped back
“ your father and I where going to sit down for dinner and I”
“ I don't want to I.. I..I'm busy”
“Ok, can I bring your plate up”
“ No, I'm not hungry!”
“Ok, if there's anything I can do just let me know”
I'm actually pretty hungry, but none of it matters nothing really matters. I can't do it, I can't write about my best friend. She was better at this stuff. After I broke up with my first true love Atom Peterson, I was so heartbroken it seemed like the end of the world. It felt like my life was over and that I was never going to comeback from this. That night she literally dragged me out of my room, and we went out to Chucky E Cheese's. We must have looked so weird, two teenagers playing every game we could get our hands on laughing all the way. At the end of the day we had just enough tickets to get a teddy bear I still have that bear and I remember when she gave it to me she said “ As long as I have you and you have me nobody can bring us down.” She had a way that by just looking at her she had a way of saying everything would be alright. Oh god I'm miss her face, I miss her face I miss her voice I miss the way that she would talk. I miss Stella I want her to walk through the door so that I know that everything will be alright.
I remember the time that Stella and I went to our first school dance together. I was so protective of her that i didn't let any boy dance with my girl. Of course back then i didn’t understand anything about boys. I just didn’t want anybody to have my Stella. That’s how it was back then, I had her back and she had mine. The first day of high school was no different, we took the intimidation of every stuck up sassy diva and showed them that we were not going the be pushed to the side. We were proud of who we were and what we did we didn't care what other people thought. We became the people that we are today and the rest of our lives. I was always the smart one but Stella she was always the wise one. She helped me get through so much, it all seems so petty now but in the moment even not getting asked to the homecoming seemed like the end of my life. But it wasn't my life that ended, I still have the chance to live. I can still do great things I  can still be there for my friends. Stella dosent have that choice and that suckes but I can be there now and forever for someone else. Why did Stella not get that choice why do have have the option of going on? I'm so lucky to be able to make that choice and I know that Stella would want me to go on. But it's so hard it's hard to wake up every morning, it's hard to drag myself to school, it's hard to pretend that I care. The only thing that I can see for going on is how I affect other people. How I can have someones back like Stella had mine how I can tell someone that's it's going to be alright someone who I  can protect someone who i can care about worry about someone to be a friend to. That is why I’ll wake up every morning that's why I'll drag myself to school that's why I'll pretend to care. For the other people becauses some day i'll be gone but it's the people that I leave behind that matter. And i guess that's why i should write this eulogy for Mrs.Woodard because Stellla left behind a friend but she also left behind a family and I can be there for them to tell them that everything is going to be alright like what Stella would have done for me.   
This is a very rough draft that I wrote in less than three days. I bearly read it my self so any advice is helpful.   


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